Cloud Cap Puzzle Swap

Saturday, October 11, 7pm

$5/person cover

Got a few quality puzzles in your closet that you’ve completed and don’t know what to do with? Get ready to swap!

Join us for an evening of puzzle exchanging, mingling with other puzzle enthusiasts and small puzzle challenges. Pomegranate Puzzles, one of our favorite puzzle makers based in Portland, will be sponsoring the event by generously providing prizes and giveaways! Please check out their amazing puzzle images here

How it works:

  • You bring one or more high quality 1000+ piece puzzles (Such as Ravensburger, Pomegranate, Etc) and you take home an equal number of puzzles.
  • Puzzles are placed upon a large table upon entry. Participants are assigned a group number in which they will go to table and pick a puzzle later in the evening.
  • Each puzzle will have a”History” sheet taped to the inside of the box with information such as a puzzler name, date and condition of the puzzle and comments you would like to make about the piece. (condition, missing pieces, etc.) Each puzzle will be placed into a ziplock bag, within the box.

This is Cloud Cap’s inaugural Puzzle Swap and we hope to continue these events creating a community of sharing and recycling quality puzzles with like-minded people. See you there!