Back from GAMA

We’re back folks, we survived, and we had a blast. The entire full time staff essentially got a Vegas vacation, with a little ‘work’ thrown in, but the kind of work we do at GAMA hardly feels like work. We have to throw out a huge thank you to our friend Carissa, without her covering the shop not all of us would have made it to Vegas. If there is one advantage to being small, it’s the personal perks we get by being able to engage with all of our customers, and being able to establish long term relationships with many of them.

So what did we see at GAMA? Well there are two sides to the show. I approach the show primarily as a business guy, after all, this stuff is how I keep my heat on and feed my face, and I’ve also got a few people relying on me for paychecks to feed their own faces. Every now and then my inner child pops out, but overall I’m far too serious at these trade shows. Luckily, the rest of the gang helps balance me out. They are able to step much further back from the business than I am, and their passion for the hobby shines just as it would with any tabletop game enthusiast.

So from the hobby passion perspective, we saw and played some great stuff. Star Wars Rebellion was there in all of its epic glory. The miniatures, and they are truly mini, look amazing, but do we really expect anything less from Fantasy Flight at this point? Pandemic Cthulhu was on display, and we can attest to the fact that while it will feel like Pandemic, it will also be very different. Outbreaks now have character, in the form of old ones, each with their own unique way to drive you nuts. Z-Man also had Knit Wit to show off, and we’re all excited to get this very attractive Scattergories-style word game to the table. Tasty Minstrel had a fake Guild of London box on display essentially to say ‘yeah, we’re gonna make it.’ Iello had a handful of new titles, and I enjoyed each that I played, including Sea of Clouds and Happy Pigs. I actually really enjoyed Quadropolis too, by Days of Wonder, and discovered that it is far more into the Five Tribes end of the pool than the Ticket to Ride end. Finally, Onitama was awesome as a highly replayable 2-player abstract game.

So that was our GAMA in a nutshell, excluding all of the extracurricular activities. But really, we’re tame folks, we are still nerds after all. We may be a little more vanilla flavored, but we’re nerds nonetheless! Game on everyone, and stay dry!


Posted: March 24, 2016 at 4:52 pm
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