Back from Vegas

We made it back safe and sound after a very awesome trip. Vegas got old fast, but the games did not. I think all of us agree that we did not get to play nearly as many games as we would have liked, but that is really just a day-to-day problem.

The GAMA show is a business show: talking to vendors, analyzing products, taking advantage of special offers, listening to talks by more experienced retailers, and chatting with others in the industry. I was hunting games that I not only liked, but games that had appeal for a wider audience, our audience. See, ordering the strategy games is pretty easy, gamers are vocal about what they are interested in, and there are lots of podcasts and news sites to go to for the buzz. It’s finding the games for everyone else that is tricky, but it’s what sets us apart from the other guys. Nearly all of the other retailers at the show see 60% or more of their profit from Magic, we rely on setting all kinds of folks up with game experiences that they will enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyable gaming experiences, here are some of our highlights from the show:

  • The first few days were spent listening to talks. Day one talks were about professional development, day two talks were publisher announcements. Some lessons learned, no game playing, and constant hunting for affordable food. One lesson learned: Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower is a giant!
  • When the exhibition hall opened on day 3, we bee-lined to the Star Realms booth to test out their upcoming game, Epic. This is not a deck-builder. It is based on Magic but is non-collectible, it has a fantasy theme and allows for draft, sealed, and constructed play variants out of a single $15 box. We only played partial games, and I desperately want to play more. This game is going to be awesome.
  • Shortly after that we talked with Ignacy Trzewiczek, designer and owner of Portal games. We gushed over Imperial Settlers, so he invited us to playtest the new faction the following morning. Ben and I were far too excited to function well for the whole rest of the day.
  • Wednesday night we attended an awesome game night, hundreds of retailers, designers, and publishers doing what they loved most, playing games. Well, some of the stalwarts of the industry just stood around talking about their immense success. We were not with them, we played games.
  • Our first game night game: One Night Ultimate Werewolf with the designer himself, Ted Alspach. None of us had ever played this game and after two rounds we were sold. It is a great 10 minutes. And Ted Alspach is an incredibly towering and jolly guy.
  • Next game: Elysium. Ben has been looking at this for a while, I knew very little about it. It was great. Sort of like a Splendor for big kids. We’ll be participating in the Asmodee prerelease offer (we get to demo it and sell it two weeks prior to online retailers. This is representative of a big them of the show: Brick and Mortar stores actually do matter!), so keep your eyes open for an Elysium night.
  • We spent the rest of night at the Iello table learning a slew of small casual games. We were not so excited about the Iello talk the day before, but some of the games we played were awesome, and the reps playing with us were even better. Good stuff on the way.
  • Thursday morning (earlier than we would have liked after a late night of Vegas): Gaming with Ignacy. HOLY CRAP! Ignacy is super cool and very passionate. We spent 3 hours in his hotel room with him as a patient father walking us through the amazing new Imperial Settlers faction, a round of Neuroshima Hex, and a prototype that we mentioned would be a huge hit, especially for one of our largest groups of customers, couples. Couples you say? Ignacy said we should try Legacy, the Testament of Duke de Crecy, so come back to his room the next morning. Great, now Ben and I can’t function for another whole day.
  • Thursday night was the Star Realms tournament. The Star Realms guys are amazing, the tournament was a casual thing, and everyone (even the losers like me) walked away with tons of swag. Losing did not matter too much to me, I got to chat it up with a number of cool retailers, swapping shop stats and strategies. Did I mention that I cannot wait for the Epic game by the Star Realms guys?
  • ¬†Friday morning (again way too early), Kirsten joins us in Ignacy’s room for a round of Legacy. Very cool game, and Ignacy again patiently sits with us the entire time. We walk away with smiles, a copy of the game, and a signed copy of his book.
We flew back to a busy weekend and serious exhaustion. I’ve been grumpy all week with all the work I have to do. I learned some valuable lessons that I may share in a future post. For now, I still have a ton of work to do and I’m not playing enough games. See you soon!

Posted: March 27, 2015 at 5:51 pm
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