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How’s the holiday shopping going? If you are like us, you really haven’t started yet despite all of your best intentions. If you need some suggestions, we’ve put together a little gift guide. We’ve also been unpacking a lot of big boxes and found a few new games inside, so read on to see if you want to adopt any of them or know someone who may like to see one under the tree.

But first, some pretty exciting news. Caverna is showing up at our distributor’s warehouse on the east coast, and it should steadily make its way west to hit our shelves by the end of next week. This means we should actually have copies of the game at the release party. Mayfair taking controlling interest in Lookout Games make us so happy.

The prior US publisher for Lookout Games, Z-Man, is claiming on their website that both Glass Road and Russian Rails will be available next week. There are also reports that Robinson Crusoe will be back in stock as early as next week. We are holding our breath, but the Caverna release party could get a lot more interesting. As of this morning, a representative from Z-Man has reported that “The Essen games, like Russian Railroads, were unloaded last week at our warehouse” and “As for Robinson Crusoe, it was not in the same shipment and we are expecting it at the warehouse either today or Monday.”

New Arrivals

Keyflower, The Farmers: One of the best eurogames to hit US shelves this year just got a sizeable add-on. Lots of new tiles and woody bits in the box, and it adds the ability to tend animals and crops. Snore, maybe Keygricola would have been a more appropriate title. Seriously, at least give me some space aliens to use on other people’s cows! *Bad fingers, I’m supposed to be promoting these games.* Well, if you haven’t already grabbed a copy through your interest-free Kickstarter savings account, swing on by for a fresh copy.
My Little Pony Collectible Card Game: Finally, a collectible card game for the ladies. Still a competitive game, but you and your horsey pals get to solve problems instead of just beating up on each other! Could this be a CCG for eurogamers? Laugh if you will, but I am far more excited about this than the Keygricola expansion. I got a problem for Twilight Sparkle to solve, how can I bring Twilight Imperium into my Keyflower game instead of Agricola? Anyway, we’ll have some theme decks and booster packs, with 2-player starter sets on their way.

Netrunner Mala Tempora Data Pack: The latest in the Netrunner series is here. If you are on our preorder list expect to hear from us. Also, if you are a Netrunner player, be sure to check out our first tournament on January 19. More details here.
Boss Monster: The build an 8-bit video game level card game is back. Who wouldn’t want to construct their own side-scrolling dungeon level to destroy greedy little adventurers?


Metal Earth Star Wars: Turning flat metal sheets into 3-dimensional models just got a whole lot better. Come check out the R2-D2, Millenium Falcon, At-At, and Tie fighter.

Descent minis: A few more new lieutenant miniatures are in stock. As with the others, you get the miniature and a deck of plot cards that allow you to use the lieutenants in new ways.

Happy gaming and shopping everyone!


Posted: December 13, 2013 at 6:21 pm
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