Big Show and Little Boxes

In this episode: games from Essen (and a way to receive 20% off your favorites) and early holiday shopping events (with even more ways to save money on games).

The big game convention in Essen, Germany, called the Spiel, is all the buzz right now in the board gaming world. For those not entrenched in the hobby, the show in Essen is where some of the best strategy board games ever made are released every year. Unlike our big stateside game show, GenCon, the Spiel in Essen sees very little Cosplay (wearing costumes of your favorite geek characters), and the show in Essen attracts a much wider audience due to the mainstream nature of board gaming overseas. Serious game enthusiasts and casual, family game players all come together for the event, and gamers from ages 5-85 are found parked on the convention floor trying out new games, together! Simply awesome.

What Essen means for board gamers is a tsumani of new and great board games, with absolutely no idea when that tsunami will hit the American shoreline. Quite often, the tsumani is more of a small series of big waves that strike our shores from the very end of the 4th quarter through the second quarter of next year.

For the past few years following the Spiel, a local gamer has organized an invite-only event, called the Sasquatch Board Games Festival, where over 100 of the games from Essen are available to play. Below I’ve reprinted the top ten games from the Sasquatch festival to give you an idea of what we gringos are perhaps most interested in. All the games on the list are slated to be released in the states. Sadly, only a tiny fraction of the games shown at Essen will make it stateside. Note:  nearly 100% of Kickstarter games get published in the states, while maybe 10% of the amazing Essen games make it over here every year, try to get some sleep after seeing that scary statistic!

Top 10 Games of those Played at the Sasquatch Games Festival

1. Glass Road
2. Amerigo
3. Concordia
4. Caverna
5. Bruxelles 1893
6. Nations
7. Buccaneer Bones
8. Lewis & Clark
9. Rampage
10. Snake Oil!

Take a good look at this list and see if there is anything on there that you would be interested in. Copies of these games are going to be limited, and we will be ordering only a few copies to have on hand. If you really want one of these games, give our preorder system a try, which gets you a 20% discount and a guaranteed copy of the game in all but the rarest of cases. And tell your friends about this deal, there is a perception that we are the most expensive game store in town when quite the opposite is actually true when you learn about all of our deals. In fact our new arrivals table has a serious deal or two every week now!

Speaking of ways to save money, we have 2 great community shopping events coming up soon. The first is called Little Boxes on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday (November 29 & 30). It is a sweet event organized by local folks to encourage shopping at local stores rather than online and big box. Not only will you enjoy 10% off at nearly every store you visit, you can enter a raffle to win some amazing prizes every time you visit a store, purchase or not. We participated last year and saw how this event was able to make holiday shopping fun and relaxing. Check out more details here. The second event is our homegrown Sellwood/Moreland Decemberville Holiday Shopping day on Saturday December 7.  Again, you’ll be saving some dough and be able to enter a great raffle. I’ll be saying more about these events soon, but mark your calendars now!

Happy gaming everyone!


Posted: November 14, 2013 at 4:07 pm
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