Big Yellow Sign

Hello Cloud Heads, and welcome to the beginning of amazing gaming weather! The fishing is still great, but gaming season starts now. Bystanders, put on your orange or you may just get shotgunned by my gaming fervor!

But business first. As you walk into our silly little shop this week, you are going to be near blinded by a bright yellow sign on the window. This sign kindly says “These guys want to serve alcohol, do you trust them?” Definitely don’t trust me when my game craze is full throttle.

But what does this obnoxious sign mean for our shop, besides me visiting downtown more times this next month than all of last year? Well, we really want to create amazing events at the shop, but since our money comes from inventory sales, we obviously need a way to help cover the costs of running awesome events. You guys are all great, and we absolutely appreciate that you buy as many games as you can from us, but there are just physical limits to your collections. So relying on inventory sales to fund events only goes so far. And nobody is going to pay $5-$10 just to come play at a game store, especially one that is harder to get to than the moon. Heck, when we started the punch card last year ($1/person by the way), at least one person not-so-kindly informed us that playing at game stores after hours should be free. Some nut job started the whole play-for-free nonsense at their game store years ago and has doomed all future shops to running massive Magic tournaments just to pay for their play space.

Crud, I digress, the point here is that we really, really want to run awesome events and help create amazing communities, and stay in business at the same time. Now what is holding us back from hosting the most awesome events in Portland, besides our outpost location and limited play space of course? Food and alcohol. So we’re working on one of those right now. Don’t expect any massive changes at Cloud Cap because of this, except perhaps more awesome events.

Now for some games. The super incredibly hyped horror survival game, Dead of Winter, arrived this week, and somehow we still have copies. We’re your first choice, last stop game store, so the other guys must still have stock. And our price is cheaper than the online guys thanks to the extremely limited supply. Next week I expect a flood of people looking to buy 12 copies just to turn (won’t they be mad when we won’t let them). Anyway, I have not played the game yet, so let’s move on to a few games that won’t be flying off the shelves but maybe should be.


Five Tribes: Yes, there are lots of slavery cards in the game, and you will be playing these cards to help you. Days of Wonder tried to maintain the Arabian Nights theme of the game with the slavery mechanic, they made a terrible decision. But the game is fantastic, one that I kept craving well after each play through. The core mechanic is simple, pick up all workers from one tile in a 5×6 grid, then move them, dropping them off one at a time, until you drop your last worker on a tile with another matching color worker. Now do the tile action and the worker action. So simple, but in the early game when the workers from each tile can potentially end up in more than 6 different locations, the options can be hard to process. The key is to just make a play, possibly lose, then play again and again until you can truly be one with the matrix.

Doomtown Reloaded: I never played the original incarnation of this wacky constructible card game, but I have fallen in love with the reboot. See, I love a good meaty card game. I got hooked on the Lord of the Rings LCG by Fantasy FLight, but without anyone to consistently play with I lost interest. Now I’m hooked on Doomtown, and I spent all last night creating a deck that I’m sure will crash and burn, but it does have character. What is it about this game that gets me excited to build crappy decks? First is the theme, wild west steam punk, just crazy cool. Second is the area control aspect of the game. You move guys around multiple zones, and a single move can really mess with your opponent’s head. Finally, the shootouts rely on poker hands, so some randomness, but very fun. I’ve decided to start a regular gathering for Doomtown on Sundays, the first will be next Sunday at 1pm, so please come check it out.

Imperial Settlers: Still playing it, still loving it, still a bit imbalanced at times, I don’t care, I’ll play it again.

Alright, signing off, got some bookeeping to do before a long gaming session. We’ll hopefully see all of you this saturday night for our inaugural Metagaming night with an Italian theme. And please head over to the shop Sunday at 3pm to meet an adorable young lady who has written an entire fantasy novel, Magic the Crest, and will be demonstrating a board game based on her work.

Posted: September 26, 2014 at 4:32 pm
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