Posted on November 21st, 2017

You’ve seen it in the shop, that big white box with a fairly hefty price tag, cute rural chibis on the cover, and very little information on the back, except that it’s a Legacy village building game. The game is Charterstone, so pretty and cryptic. Well, I’ve been playing it a lot in the past few weeks, 6 games of it to be exact, and I’m now here to tell you as little about it as possible to get you excited without ruining the Legacy experience.

Charterstone is a true Legacy style game, meaning that as you play, the game evolves in such a way that components are permanently altered. Because of this, you can’t really play the same game twice. Build a new building and you’ll be forced to place a sticker on your game board. Find a new buddy and name them, by writing on your card! If you’ve never played a Legacy game, this all feels so wrong at first, then it becomes downright exciting.

During and between each game, more and more new content is revealed, and you get the kind of high that a Magic player gets when opening a booster pack. But what I find even more exciting is the permanence of your decisions. In a typical board game, if I make a bad decision, I don’t need to suffer the consequences the next time I play. Not so in Charterstone, my chibis are still shaking their fists at me for a few unfortunate decisions I made 2 games ago, but I think they also appreciate the long-lasting benefits from some great decisions?

Charterstone is the first Legacy game I’ve wanted to play through to the end. Other Legacy games have received more praise, and Charterstone is getting mixed reviews. Why? I think because it’s a eurogame at its core, and while other Legacy games can shock with random stuff blowing up, Charterstone sticks to it’s euro roots and tries to maintain a balanced game of resource collection and manipulation with tight competition and indirect player interaction. I’ve lost some close games possibly by deciding to set up for future games rather than try to win the current one. And sure, Charterstone has it’s share of cool surprises, but no one is suddenly going to turn into a zombie, are they?

Ultimately, beyond the rush of opening packets, I really do enjoy playing the game. You need influence tokens to get big points, you only have so many, and spending them advances the game timer. So you could jut go for the win with a fairly low score. But if you can keep the game going, and carefully manage your influence supply, you’ll have more time to improve your little slice of the village and go for a bigger score, both of which can pay-off nicely in future plays. It’s a pleasantly agonizing puzzle (for freaks like me) that took a few plays to truly appreciate but now keeps me coming back to the game.

Charterstone has been a delightful investment. The components are incredible for the price, and the experience has been exceptional. Can’t wait for the next night off!

Posted on September 5th, 2017

Here’s a list of all the exciting events happening at the shop this month!


Dames & Games:
Saturday, December 2, 7pm
Leave the strong silent types at home and come play some games! $3/person




Cloud Cap Game Nights:

Bring your crew and get your game on.

Wednesdays, 6pm-late

Fridays, 7pm-late



Magic: The Gathering: Standard, Fridays 4pm-6pm; Commander, Sundays 1pm-6pm
League play. A deck is all you need, oh, and $5 for the prize pools.

Iconic Masters Draft
Saturday, November 25, 1pm
We’ve got one box of M14 left, and 12 lucky people get to draft it for $5/person. RSVP is essential


Pokemon League: Saturdays, 10:30am-11:30am
If you’ve got a deck and know the rules, come trade, play, and win prizes. $5.




Posted on August 15th, 2017

August is GenCon month, a convention for all things geeky, and currently the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America (but the new PAX unplugged could eventually compete for this title). Originally held at the home of gaming saint, Gary Gygax (Mr. Dungeons & Dragons), GenCon now hosts a staggering 60,000+ people.

This is one of 3 big times of the year that serious gamers are locked on to the internet to find out what hot new releases will be revealed at the convention. This year, we’re expecting fewer huge hits than in the past, but there are still plenty of titles to covet, and we have not seen everything yet. Our new table and rental section will be rotating frequently this month!

Here’s a list of what to expect this month, starting with our own events, then new releases and preorders. Have a great month and join us for some games if you can.

August Events

GenCan’t 2017: Saturday, August 19, 1pm-late
A mini-convention for those who can’t go to GenCon.

Cloud Cap Game Nights: Every Wednesday and Friday, 6pm-late
Bring your crew and get your game on.

Magic: The Gathering: Standard, Fridays 4pm-6pm; Commander, Sundays 1pm-6pm
League play. A deck is all you need, oh, and $5 for the prize pools.

Pokemon League: Saturdays, 10:30am-11:30am
If you’ve got a deck and know the rules, come trade, play, and win prizes. $5.

Star Wars Destiny: Saturdays, 1pm
Landspeed to Cloud Cap for casual open play.

Hot New Releases Expected This Month

Preorders for these have closed, but please call or email us to reserve copies of any of these titles, and look for most of these in our rental library!

Hot Upcoming Games

Please email or call us to preorder a copy, do so by the end of the month listed and receive 20% off

Posted on September 7th, 2016

We’ve always got something going on!


Weekly Events




Posted on August 23rd, 2016

It’s that time of year again, time to cruise the vast Sellwood/Moreland business districts. Here in the deep south of Portland, it is not only immensely difficult for the rest of PDX to find us, it is also challenging to just walk the entire business district. We don’t have just one street lined with shops, we have about 4, with lots of homes in between the different areas.

But have no fear, this Saturday you can ride a limo bus for free between the different business clusters. While you are in each cluster, visit shops displaying a Passport poster to get your entry into an amazing raffle. In addition to the grand prize of a $250 gift certificate to a business of your choice, every participating business has contributed their own special gifts. We are giving away 2 $50 gift certificates to raffle winners.

Each shop will also be offering treats and running their own specials. Come by Cloud Cap to try some amazing locally homemade cookies, check out our sidewalk sale, and enjoy 20% off a single item. Feet need a rest, stick around for a game or two before your next limo ride!

Good times should be had by all, and we’ll keep the place cool if the heat mistreats. See you Saturday!

Posted on August 10th, 2016

Super excited for two new developments at Cloud Cap. First off, we have a new team member, Tiffany, with tons of gaming knowledge and passion. She’ll be helping out in the shop as well as behind the scenes. Stop by, say hi, and ask her some gaming trivia when you get a chance.

Second, Tiffany brought back a haul of games from the Gen Con 2016 convention that she will be sharing with all of you this Saturday. Join us from 1pm to 11pm to experience some of the newest and hottest games. Find more details, including specific games and times, here:

And since Gen Con just ended, new games will be pouring in. We’ve already got copies of Mystic Vale, Legendary Firefly, and Legendary Big Trouble in Little China in our hands or shipping to us now. But also get ready for Cry Havoc, Seafall, Vast, Arkham LCG, and more to hit our shelves within the next few months. Be sure to let us know if you want any of these titles preordered at 20% off, because they may not last long on the shelf.

Happy Gaming everyone!