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The battle between Winter and Summer continues, with some great sunny days in between some dark soggy ones. It is not time to pack away the board games and bust out the lawn games just yet. Here’s a list of upcoming special events and some gaming news to help make the gloomy days brighter.


International Tabletop Day Saturday, April 30, 1pm-11pm: Wil Wheaton and his crew at Geek & Sundry have designated this Saturday as the day that the whole world should find a table, some chairs, and a bunch of friends to celebrate our wonderful hobby. We’ll be playing games all day at the shop, swing on by to run a game or jump in on one. And yes, we’ll have stuff to give away, but aint nothing gonna stop the gaming!

Dames & Games Saturday, May 7, 7pm, $3: No smelly boys allowed, this is a night for just ladies at the tables. Come join the fun, beer and wine service available.

Game Club Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm, $10: Got some young minds at home interested in playing some board games? Send ’em on over every Thursday afternoon and we’ll get them thinking and laughing!

Summer Camps for roleplaying and Magic the Gathering: We’ve got dates and prices finally, check out the roleplaying page here, and the Magic page here.


Tabletop Season 4 Lineup Announced: Wil Wheaton has announced the game line-up for the fourth season of Tabletop, an online series showing games being played by Wheaton and others. The titles being featured include Eldritch Horror, Codenames, Mysterium, Flash Point, Star Realms, Champions of Midgard, Steam Park, and Star Trek: Five-Year Mission. I’d expect a bit of role-playing in that last one, assuming they use The Next Generation role cards, which seems like a must. Filming begins before the end of April, and Wheaton expects to start publishing episodes in June or July 2016.

Origins Award Nominees: The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design has announced their nominees for the Origins hobby show awards (see the full list here). These awards are always a bit contentious among the hardcore hobby community because, although they are nominated by a jury, the final votes come from Origins show attendees, a group that can easily be swayed by great promotions on the show floor. Still, there are some great games in the nominee lists, any of your favorites?

MENSA Board Game Awards: The minds of the MENSA society have met, played many games, and voted on their favorites. Again, some fine titles in the list (which is here). New York 1901 is an Origins nominee and now a MENSA winner, and we are ashamed to admit that none of us have tried the game yet. Guess what I’m bringing to the table at the next game night?

Stonemeier Legacy Game Announced: The legacy game format has become crazy popular with its chaining together of successive game sessions into one larger story. Now the popular kickstarter publisher Stonemeier games will be producing their own title. For the most part, legacy games have presented players with extreme situations — global warfare, global pandemics, the dawning of civilization, a shortage of furry costumes — but designer Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games is taking a different approach with a legacy design of his own, one that isn’t so doomy and gloomy. In Charterstone — which carries a 20-60 min. playing time for 1-6 players — players compete to populate a village, a village that starts off with almost nothing, but which becomes larger, with more options available, in subsequent games. Look for us to be offering kickstarter packages to customers once Stegmeier gives the word!

New Game Announcements: (PS, we offer 20% off preorders of these products, though the discounts on kickstarter titles may vary):

  • Bruxelles 1893 will be getting a reprint by Asmodee in Q3 of this year.
  • Martin Wallace and Space Cowboys are teaming up for a Q3 release of Route 666, sounds devlish.
  • Phil Eklund’s BioGenesis will finally be coming to stores in October (yeah right!).
  • Hero Realms, the true fantasy version of Star Realms, will be hitting kickstarter soon, but you do not need to worry because we’ll be doing a retailer package on that one, which will be equally as sweet, if not sweeter, than the regular backer deal, so stay tuned.
  • Codenames: Pictures has some photos trickling onto BGG here. Should you own both, yes, yes you should.

Cheers everyone and happy gaming!


Posted: April 29, 2016 at 8:26 pm
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