Friday Afternoon Magic

Fridays, 4pm-6pm, $5

Looking to throw down some cards after a tough week at school? Our Friday after-school Magic group is designed for ages 10-16, and is a smaller, more casual alternative to the larger formal events offered elsewhere. The minimum cost to attend will be $5 per attendee, per week.

Each week of the month participants play different tournament styles:

Pack Duels (weeks 1 & 2): Players bring any type of deck(s) they want (Standard, Modern, Commander, etc.) and challenge other players who bring similar decks to a match. Win the match, get a pack, that simple.

Standard Tournament (week 3, and maybe 4): Players bring a standard deck and play a 3-round tournament. Pack payouts will be based on participation. If you need help with constructing a standard deck, please see here.

Draft Tournament (week 4): $15 gets you 3 packs and a seat at the drafting table. Open the packs, pass the cards, build your deck, then see how it performs over 3 match rounds. The draft format can be a bit more challenging for new players, but it is also a fun format that can give you a shot against the players with super-powered constructed decks. For more  info on how a draft works, see here.

Please contact us with any questions, and have fun playing!