Galactic Cards and Dice

The new release schedule for 2015 kicks off with 2 highly anticipated space games, one the dice game version of a gamer staple card game, and one is the expansion for a relatively new and extremely popular card game.

Roll For the Galaxy: We’ve been getting questions about this game since we opened over 4 years ago. It actually arrived at our distributors in November, then the entire lot of games was rapidly recalled due to missing components. Well it is finally on our shelves, and the copy we opened for our rental library was complete.

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice version of the card game Race for the Galaxy. As in the card game, you are truly racing to discover alien technologies, control newly discovered planets, and trade a variety of galactic resources. The central mechanic of the game is role selection; each round you will roll your citizen dice and allocate them to tasks such as exploring, settling, or trading. Trick is, you will do all this behind a screen and you will be selecting just one action as your role, this is the action you know you will get to perform. Your opponents are also choosing roles, and if you can predict their behavior and allocate your dice wisely, you’ll get to perform far more than just one role for the round.

Now while I wholeheartedly respect the Race for the Galaxy card game, I can’t say that I’m a huge fan. Admitting this is difficult, because not liking Race for the Galaxy seriously lowers my geek cred, which is dangerous in my line of work. I do thoroughly enjoy the dice game however, and I think fans of the card game will enjoy this new title as well. Roll for the Galaxy gives you all of the tableau-building combo-creating fun of the card game with a very satisfying dice allocation mechanic. Hopefully a tiny bit of my geek cred will be restored by liking the dice game.

Star Realms Crisis: Imagine what would happen if Dominion and Magic the Gathering were mashed tightly together into a bright dense mass that ripened and eventually became a beautiful planet of cards. Well that’s Star Realms, a head-to-head game of building ships and star bases to expand your galactic influence while reducing that of your opponent. This tiny little 2-player card game hit our shelves last year and is now a big sensation. We had to set up an account with a new distributor just to keep the game in stock all year.

Now we have the Crisis expansion packs, 4 different packs of cards to mix right into your original deck. The event pack adds a bit of silly randomness to the game, not my favorite. 2 of the other packs add more bases and ships, very cool. My favorite though, is the Heroes pack, which adds a new type of card that comes directly into play when you purchase it, and can basically be sacrificed to kick other cards you play during the round. Tricky to use, but that’s why I like them. We’ve got plenty in stock, so saunter on over when you have a chance to expand your Realms.

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Posted: January 11, 2015 at 4:22 pm
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