Trade-in Program

Have a closet full of great games that you no longer play? We’ll help you turn those lonely titles into the latest and greatest. We offer one of the best trade deals in town, but we have limited space and are therefore very selective. We prefer modern strategy games and generally do not accept kids games or games you find for $2 at Goodwill. Unless you have something extremely rare and desirable, all games for trade must be in like new condition with no missing components.

Our trade policy is simple:

— We determine a price that we will sell your game for, typically 50-75% of normal MSRP for games currently in print, or for games not in print, we evaluate recent online prices and local demand.
— You receive 50% of our resale price as store credit only.

Note: Based on how busy we are, how large your games are, or the number of games you bring, you may need to leave your games with us for a few hours or overnight in order to confirm that all components are present and in good shape. Weekday mornings are the best times to bring in games, weekend afternoons are not great for rapid turnaround.

Please email us at with a list of games you are interested in trading and we can give you a quote before you bring the games in for counting.

So if our terms sound appealing, let us help you clear up some closet space, and help others get their hands on some great games at attractive prices.

Posted: March 30, 2012 at 9:00 pm
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