Gods, Guns, and Steel

This weekend we will be running our first ever Magic the Gathering prerelease event. The Born of the Gods set drops next week, but we’ll have the prerelease kits and prizes for a $25 sealed tournament on Saturday at 12:30pm. The grand prize is an entire box of boosters folks! Considering that we’ll be lucky to have even 10 people showing up, winning that box may not be all that tough. We’ll also be running open dueling on Sunday from Noon-2:30pm, $15 gets you the Born of the Gods Theme deck for the duel.

Now, if you just read that opening paragraph and have no idea what sealed and open dueling are, sorry, we had to have the obligatory prerelease details front and center for those reaching our website through the Magic Play Network. For you non-magicians out there, here’s some board game chatter.

First off, we will be closing at 3pm on Sunday since the big game is on and even those who don’t care about it are at a party. This means our normal Sunday game demo is cancelled. Next Sunday though, at 1pm, gamehead Ben will be running a demo of Steam Park, a new game about building an amusement park for robots. This is a light, fun, and relatively fast game. If the child in you has been ruthlessly battered by years of reality, this is not a game you will enjoy. If a trip to Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday sounds enticing, you’ll love Steam Park. Head on over to our meetup group to reserve a seat.

New games: Tokaido, Crossroads and the Belfort Expansion Expansion.

Newish games well worth playing: Nations and Russian Railroads.

Nations is a civilization game that I’ve talked a bit about before. Well I recently played two amazing back-to-back 2-player games, 2 hours for each game. Both games were intense battles, no solitaire here. We each had to constantly reassign workers to adapt to each others actions and to the events on offer. The tension remained throughout the game, and with each player taking only one action per turn, the games hummed along. I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in heavier and somewhat abstract strategy games.

Russian Railroads turned out to be a whole different beast than I expected. Based on the name and artwork, I was prepared for a long and heady experience. Well, 4 of us learned it and played it in about 2 hours. The choices were heady, but not overwhelming, and the need to pay close attention to your opponents was ever present. This game felt a bit like Lords of Waterdeep in terms of weight and length, though it is much more abstract, so it can feel a bit weightier. Of the crop of games out of Essen, Russian Railroads and Nations are top on my list. Both are on the rental shelf as well, no excuse not to try them out.

I should be getting in a round of Terra Mystica tonight, an excellent heavier weight euro-game that I have not played in a while but do really enjoy. I’ll try and tweet some photos of my gorgeous Yellow civilization once it develops. My goal tonight is to try and cross every river on the board. For those who have played games with me, I often pursue some ridiculously random goal that generally has nothing to do with winning the game. Winning is so overrated.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted: January 31, 2014 at 7:40 pm
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