Woohoo! It’s Snowing! We love snow here at Cloud Cap. Kirsten and I used to live at 7500 feet just outside of Yosemite and we miss the gobs of great snow that greeted our mornings. Its gonna kill business this weekend, but who cares, let it pile up!

We are restocked after the busy post-Thanksgiving weekend and ready to go for the rest of the holiday season. The Little Boxes event was a success for us and many other shops this past weekend. We’re certainly in a city that places enormous value on its small business culture. We little guys can’t ever compete on price, but we can offer more in almost every other aspect of the retail business. Let’s hope the little guys can hold their ground for many years to come, I like my shopping experiences non-homogenized.

For us, the Little Boxes event brings in shoppers that may otherwise never set foot in a board game store. We enjoy exposing folks to unique non-digital entertainment options. Now sure, a lot of what we sell this time of year are games like Strut or Anomia, not what a lot of hardcore folks consider real games, but both fantastic social experiences. We also sell a lot of Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Forbidden Island, remember those games folks? We ‘serious’ gamers don’t play these games so much anymore perhaps, but they definitely shaped our introduction to the hobby, and we are more than happy to help others experience these games for the first time. Whatever we sell, if it brings people around a table instead of a screen, we’re doing our job.

This weekend is Decemberville, the Sellwood/ Westmoreland winter celebration. It is also the last chance to save some dough with us and other local shops before Christmas. We are offering 20% off any one item, and we’ll have a table of games at 40% off retail. For a nearly complete list of sale items, go here. We have limited sale copies of many of the games listed, so get ’em early if you want them.

Other than that, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Caverna, mark your calendar for the release party on Friday, December 20. Sure hope Mayfair has their dates correct. We’ve also heard that the new Race for the Galaxy expansion should be available by the end of the year, so if we see it by the end of January we’ll be happy. I think this baby has been upcoming for nearly 2 years now. Anyway, get your preorders in if you want a copy.

Oh, Skull & Roses is back in stock, now called just Skull, and with new art work. “Ahh, new artwork, we liked the old art so much better”. No you didn’t, you’re just saying that to make yourself look good.

The Yeti says hi and happy gaming!

Posted: December 6, 2013 at 7:57 pm
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