Last Saturdays

We have two ‘last Saturday’ events coming up, one we are very stoked about, and one that saddens us a bit. Let’s hit the bad news first: tomorrow night is our last official Strategy Saturday game night. Come party and game with us during the send off of this much-loved event.

Then, just two short weeks later, on the actual last Saturday of the month, join us for our first Star Realms tournament. If you have not played this game yet and you like tactical deck-building, ask for a demo, this is one heck of a card game for just $15. If you have played and enjoyed this game, then sign your fanny up for the tournament and try to win a Star Realms playmat and a full set of promo cards.

For new games this week, copies of Shinobi Wat-aah!!! arrive today. Not really sure what this game is about, but the opportunity to put a big Wat-aah!!! in your opponents’ faces sounds too good to pass up. The reviews are placing it in that sweet King of Tokyo zone, I hope they are right. We’ll definitely have a demo of this to try out, so come help us test kick it in the jaw.

A less strange words in your face game that I am very excited about will be for sale on Monday, Sail to India. The man who brought us the novel train game, String Railway, is now blessing us with what looks to be a euro-game bigger than its tiny box. With just some cards and cubes,  Hisashi Hayashi appears to have created a micro-worker placement game. If this is as interesting as I hope it is, possible micro-tournament in the future? By micro I mean we’ll fill the house with those child-sized chairs and tables.

For events beyond the last Saturdays I already mentioned, help Ben this Sunday at 1pm discover a way to fend off cat paws and cockroaches then un-become a mouse in Mice and Mystics. Next Sunday we’re trying to do a customer pick demo. I’m still working on getting that all set up on facebook and meetup, but for now if you are interested in showing off one of your favorites, just let us know. Finally, if you or anyone you know have middle-school age youths interested in Magic or Pathfinder roleplaying, we’ve got some great summer camps planned, check them out here and here.

Happy mid-may weekend everyone!

Posted: May 16, 2014 at 6:04 pm
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