Little Boxes and Big Games

The holiday season is approaching folks, are you ready? We are, well, we hope we are. One thing we do have right is our participation in the Little Boxes Black Friday and Small Business Saturday event. This will be our third year participating, and we love it. The team at Little Boxes works hard to make it worth your while to shop locally this season, and visit lots of local shops. Basically, when you make a purchase at one Little Boxes shop, you get discounts at all other shops for both days. Also, every purchase earns you raffle entries, and the raffle prizes are no joke, including a sweet travel package. For more information, stop by the shop, or check out this totally Portland instructional video. We have only one complaint about the whole thing, we are always too busy to go shopping ourselves, so we may just have to give one of you a list.

Now I recently celebrated my birthday with some great friends and an all day civilization gaming extravaganza. I love civ games above all other genre, and like many of you, I got hooked on them by playing Sid Meier’s epic computer game. Well, my birthday extravaganza gave me the opportunity to try out two new expansions for two of my favorite civ games, one for the BIG game Clash of Cultures, and one for the not so big game 7 Wonders, but the expansion does make it bigger. Both expansions were fantastic, and if you like either of the two base games, you will not be disappointed with the new material. I highly recommend hunkering down for a civ game extravaganza some time this winter with some appropriate drinks and great friends.

The New goodies just keep pouring in. We are getting the final pieces from Gencon this week, including Kanban and Sheriff of Nottingham. Both of these games were heavily allocated, so unfortunately if you did not preorder a copy, we won’t have one for you. Sorry about that, this is something our distributors are doing to ensure that all stores get copies, sadly it does mean that many stores get fewer than they ask for. This is why we stopped taking prepaid preorders. The industry is blowing up right now with great new stuff in high demand.

Have no fear though, we do have other new games to enjoy while you wait 6 months for reprints of Kanban and Nottingham. Last week we received Pandemic the Cure and King of New York. Both much lighter than the new games this week, but if you drop your ego and loosen up a bit, you just might find yourself having some fun, careful. If you do have something to prove though, we also have copies of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, one I have not tried yet but am very anxious to try.

Finally, lots of buzz about the possibility of Essen games releasing before the holidays. One podcaster claims there were 840 new games at Essen (it’s high tide gang), but only miniscule fraction of those will make it Stateside. So a few things about the buzz. First off, if you know you absolutely want a game, let us know so we can do our best to guarantee you a copy. Second, we know absolutely nothing about release dates, and neither do the publishers nor the distributors. We find out that the game is released the day it is available to ship to us, someday this might change (especially if Asmodee owns the industry), but for now that’s all we get, 2 days notice. Finally, Colt Express looks awesome, but beware, you will be playing as an evil bandit, so some reviewers and podcasters may find it offensive. No slave cards though (disclaimer, this is just a jab at the furor over Five Tribes, not a comment on slavery).

Cheers everyone,

Bandits are Offensive!

Posted: November 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm
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