Memes and Themes

The holiday shopping season is officially underway, and we are working like elves. The Little Boxes event this past weekend, was fantastic, bringing in great customers, both repeat and new. What made the event especially great for us was our holiday crew. I need to toss out a huge thanks to all who helped us out this busy weekend. Since we’re such a tiny shop, having multiple staff members year round is impossible. Luckily we have a fantastic customer support crew that pulls through every holiday to help out with customer service, gift wrapping, and of course, cleaning. We seriously would not be able to survive the holiday season without their help.

The same awesome crew will be back this coming weekend as we celebrate the local business community event, Decemberbville. While this is yet another chance to save some holiday shopping dough, more importantly, it is a chance to get yourself drenched in holiday spirit. I’m a child of Christian suburban descent, so the wintry, elfy, clydsdale, santa memes all carry serious nostalgia for me. The Christmas season was about that feeling for me, something about the cold and the cheer, spending time with family, and being 100% wide-eyed child. I like Decemberville because it tries to capture that spirit. The event turns the neighborhood into one large Santa-like village. We can all curse the consumerism of the season, but that does not mean we should give up the cheer. Decemberville is a time to put the scrooge outfit in the closet and be a kid again. Bring on the wonder and warmth, and burn some skis for the snow gods to top it all off.

As for the shopping side, we have a few deals going on this Saturday. First, everyone will receive 20% of a single item. Second, purchaser $60 or more and get a free copy of the classic family card game, Milles Bornes. Third, purchase $100 or more and choose from a selection of kids games for us to donate to the Children of Raphael House Toy Drive. We’ll see you Saturday, bring your cheer!

Now from memes to themes. We just finished our Last Saturday Metagame night, and this time the night was dedicated to games with a female designer or artist, which I thought was fantastic. We saw games hit the table that we’ve not seen in years, or never seen. One gamer brought only Dominion cards illustrated by female artists, very cool. I was able to end the night with a game of Village, a game I enjoy that I have not played in a while, and it is designed by a very worthy husband and wife team. This is why I like the theme nights, because games you would not normally play can get played. Sure we could do more straightforward themes, but then you would probably just play the games you would play anyway. I don’t want you to be able to just look at your shelf and easily pick out games that match the theme, I want you to have to research your game library to find ones that fit. That’s why December’s theme will be the lowest rated games in your collection, good luck. But based on what I know about many of your collections, this is still going to be a night of awesome gaming.

Happy December folks!

Posted: December 1, 2014 at 6:53 pm
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