Millionaire’s Row, and Sale Alley

The Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row expansion is here! Machi Koro has been one of our best sellers since its release last fall, and for good reason: It’s light, fast, adorable, and it can be enjoyed by a very wide audience (hardcore grumpy frowny gamers excluded). The young ones can even join in because everything is face up on the table, nothing is hidden, and the math and text in the game are simple, (warning: possible education factor). Playing the game is easy, roll some dice, collect money if your buildings pay out based on the dice result, then buy more buildings to expand your neighborhood and your revenue stream. The Millionaire’s Row expansion will add an element to the game that I have been waiting for, the ability to shut down someone else’s building. Oh what money does to people, even in the cute little town of Machi Koro.

We’ve got a few other notable new releases arriving today, including Car Wars the Card Game and Firefly Shiny Dice. The Firefly dice game does look interesting, but it is yet another competitive game with the Firefly license. I’m going on the record here: the heart of the Firefly shows and graphic novels is the camaraderie of the crew, so Firefly games should not be competitive! Maybe the roleplaying game is the way to go, but I’m still waiting for the definitive Firefly board game, a cooperative adventure game! Perhaps the Mage Knight system should be used, like it is for the newly announced Star Trek game. Speaking of reskins, we are also receiving a very limited number of copies of Cthulhu Realms, a cartoony Lovecraftian version of Star Realms. No comment.

Did you click on any of the game links above? If you did you should have noticed that we now have a webstore! We’ve had it for some time, we’re just actually starting to use it. It’s nothing fancy, and it is not complete, but we wanted a way for our more distant fans to buy from us without necessarily driving down to the deep south. Coming soon to the store will also be the ability to preorder with us as well as establish wish lists that others can view to help with gift buying. We’re also working on offering gift wrapping for those who want to save some gas and time but still shop local and have a gift in time for the party.

OK, pull out your calendars and clear your schedules, I mean it, do it now, you don’t want to feel crushing regret when it’s too late:

Imperial Settlers Night (Saturday August 22, 7pm, $5 cover that can be used as store credit during the evening): Alas, the new Atlanteans expansion has not arrived, but we’re going to gather and play Imperial Settlers anyway. Despite having Settlers in the name, this game is nothing like the Settlers of Catan. Don’t let the simple rules and cute Farmville artwork fool you, many moments in this game can cause serious brain freeze, but it oh so fun. This Saturday we’re going to focus on playing 2-player games only, but feel free to play with more if you’d like. And beginners are absolutely welcome, I and others will be available to teach the game.

Passport Sale (Saturday, August 29, 11am-7pm): BIG, BIG, BIG sale folks! And not just us, the whole neighborhood is throwing a crazy discount, raffling, snacking party! We will be running a massive sidewalk sale with 30-50% tons of items. You can also toss your name in our raffle to win a copy of the new Risk: Game of Thrones game, or any themed Monopoly game of your choice. Other shops throughout the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood are going just as crazy. Whether you want some goodies for yourself, want to get some early Christmas shopping done, or just want to enjoy the party vibe, get yourself to the neighborhood on August 29!

Cheers all and Happy Gaming.

Posted: August 21, 2015 at 5:33 pm
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