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May Events:

  • Dames and Games: This Saturday, May 7, at 7pm, it’s ladies only! come join the fun
  • Gamer Garage Sale (and Game Night): The last Saturday of this month, May 28, will be a chance for everyone to bring in games they are looking to trade or sell. After the whole event, we’ll play! More details to come . . . .

It’s a bit of a slow week for board game news, but still some interesting tidbits to take note of, especially if you want to preorder any of these titles through us (at 20% off of course):

  • Z-Man games announced that they will be doing a one-time limited print run of Pandemic: Iberia. That’s right, a one-time limited print run, very strange, sort of a first from a major publisher. This will be a standalone title with a few twists on the basic Pandemic gameplay, but it does have some stunning looking art so far.
  • Plaid Hat Games has announced that they are taking preorders for Seafall, their merchanty/piratey high seas legacy game. Well we’re taking preorders as well. We can’t offer you the early release and metal coins (actually, we’re gonna work on that part), but we can offer you a chance to not support bad publisher behavior. Don’t the plaid hat guys have mothers or grandmas to teach them how to behave? Anyway, Seafall looks to be a great addition to the growing class of legacy titles.
  • Days of Wonder has announced an itty-bitty expansion for Five Tribes that sort of requires the Thieves of Naqala expansion. This itty-bitty will contain just 7 cards, 6 thieves and 1 djinn.

Posted: May 6, 2016 at 9:07 pm
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