Recent Arrivals and Veggie Game Day

We’ve only got a few new arrivals to mention this week, and I’ll bet that none of them were eagerly anticipated, but there could just be a few sleeper hits here. A few notable reprints arrived as well, Clash of Cultures and le Havre, both hefty and excellent games.

Flying Kung Fu Frogs: Most of you have probably played with the little plastic frogs that hop when you press on their back ends. With Kung Fu Flying Frogs, you get a box of those critters and a motorized bamboo tree training center to launch them at. Nothing high brow here, just good old fun with plastics.

Jenga Space Invaders: Like Flying Kung Fu Frogs and the original Jenga, Jenga Space Invaders will pleasantly accompany any gathering in need of some mayhem. Space Invaders Jenga is just like the original, but with great graphics and thematic instructions on the blocks you successfully remove. A fine coffee table centerpiece for the 8-bit fans.

Munchkin Tricky Treats: More Munchkin for Halloween. What’s in the little foil pack? It really doesn’t matter, its more Munchkin, it won’t let you down.

Now, a rant.

Warning: if you tend to take everything literally and generally lack a good sense of humor, absolutely do not read on.

Now, last Saturday was meaty game day, an event we created to allow people to get a head start on game night and play long, deep, possibly epic games. Meaty games take up tons of table space and require serious stamina. A meaty game should leave the players weary and exhausted, but immensely satisfied, you know, like a great Thanksgiving dinner. On Meaty Game Day, I was hoping to see heads bowed over massive game boards with tons of bits. I wanted to hear hours of anguish and joy, as if everyone  just ate 10 times more than they should have of the best darn ham on the planet.

Instead, Meaty Game Day has become an opportunity to play one more appetizer game. Now Duple and Strut and Bruges and Las Vegas and many other similar games are all excellent games, but they should not be the main course of a Meaty Game meal. I’m not seeing thick pork shoulders on the tables, just a bunch of neatly cut veggies with some hummus to dip them in.

With only a few exceptions, Meaty Game Day has always been on the brink of becoming entirely vegetarian.¬† We’ve had at least one customer working hard to get some more meat in the shop, with some success. I know for sure we’ve actually lost a few customers because of the lighter fare generally offered on Meaty Game Days.

But really, no one is to blame for this except ourselves. We designed a store that appeals largely to casual gamers, or folks just getting into the hobby. Our ambiance definitely does not say “these guys game hard!”. Well, at least once a month we’d like to.

I get it, it is difficult to sit down and commit to a single game that will take all night when surrounded by a sea of gaming options. What if you don’t like the game? What if the table next to you is playing something you’d like to try? What if you lose after all that time? It is much easier to swallow a terrible game or a horrible loss if it only lasts a few hours. Commitment and stepping outside of your comfort zone is just part of the Meaty Game Day experience, open yourself up to it.

So I challenge everyone to eat a massive gaming meal on the last Saturday of every month. I’m talking games that are longer than 3 hours, the shorter ones can be played on any regular game night, that’s right the other 7 times a month. And while games with tiny chits and a pre-1990 publication date work just fine, there are plenty of modern slabs of meat, and I know many of our regulars own them. Nearly everything Fantasy Flight makes could be considered meaty.

We’ve got two large tables for the big games, the round table could work for some. We’ll set up extra tables if needed at 4pm for other meaty games, the veggies will have to wait until 6pm. So If you show up at 4pm on the last Saturday of the month be prepared, we may just sit you down and force you to play a protein-rich meal.

Posted: October 5, 2013 at 1:47 am
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  1. Eric
    Posted October 13, 2013 at 6:35 pm | Permalink

    This has inspired me to play some meaty games about veggies. Uwe comes to mind…

  2. Swanky McFly
    Posted October 13, 2013 at 7:15 pm | Permalink

    Nice Eric!