Shop Update for June 28, 2013

Here comes the heat, get ready. We’ll be getting ready by putting the swamp cooler in the window and trying not to break any backs in the process.

Now, while the heat is somewhat new, we have nothing new to talk about in the board game world. As far as new releases go, this year is shaping up to be a bit lackluster relative to last year. The first quarter of 2013 had some great new games, like Tzolkin, CO2, Archipelago, and Terra Mystica. The second quarter is coming to a close this weekend, and I can’t even think of a true new game that stood out in the quarter.

Sure, we did finally get Hanabi, Morels, and Kings of Air and Steam on the shelf, all enjoyable games, but those games aren’t really new, just new for the brick and mortar stores. We did get some great new expansions for Marvel Legendary, Manhattan Project, and Dominion. Coming up though, besides Forbidden Desert and the Lords of Waterdeep expansion, we have very little to look forward to. Yedo, Bora Bora, Robinson Crusoe, Bruge, and Augustus are all slated for release soon, but it is honestly just impossible to know if that will actually happen.

Do not despair though, there is no lack of great games on our shelves. Tonight I’ll be diving in to the Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition, very excited to finally get this to the table. If you have not played Galaxy Trucker yet, you just might be missing out on a very unique experience. Stay far away if you are a Eurosnob who relies on games to boost your ego because Galaxy Trucker will not provide the therapy you need. But if you can handle some serious emotional highs and lows, and you play games to have fun rather than impress yourself or your opponents, give this wild space ship building and destroying game a try. We’ll be working on getting a rental copy available soon.

Other games we will be or have been playing include Shogun, Last Will, Lords of Waterdeep, Stronghold, and Edo.

In other news, this weekend we kick off our first Netrunner League, there may still be spots available so contact us if you are interested. This first league will run for 4 Saturdays, 1-4pm each day, and costs $10, all of which goes towards prize support.

Finally, there is still room in our summer Pathfinder camps. If you have or know of any budding heroes who may be interested, give us a call.

Stay cool everyone!

Posted: June 28, 2013 at 6:54 pm
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