Some Announcements

Howdy Cloud Cappians and happy Friday. We’ve got a few new game and event announcements this week. I’m particularly excited about finally being able to announce some of the events.

First though, a brief word about the game night punch cards that went into effect last week. Believe it or not, going against the grain by charging for our game nights does not appear to be the death of our silly little operation. We do, however, want to make a small change in response to some customer feedback. In addition to the punch cards, we will offer the opportunity to pay a single event fee of $3. Also, the last Saturday of each month, which is our Meaty Game Night, will continue to be a free game night, so mark your calendars. Now let’s get to the more exciting stuff.

New Game Arrivals

Morels: Finally, finally, finally we will have this great little 2-player mushroom gathering card game in stock. Morels had quite a buzz around it about a year ago when it was available in very limited quantities only direct through the publisher. Now that the buzz is gone, the game will be hitting retail shelves. Seriously, the board game publishing biz has got to be one of the most bassackword on the planet. Anyway, If you are looking for a solid 2-player strategy game that plays in about 30 minutes, Morels is a great pick. We also highly recommend Jaipur and Pinata.

Pax Porfiriana: Here’s an interesting economic card game based on events at the US/Mexico border during the late 18th and early 19th century. The game comes from designer Phil Eklund, known for enormously long and complex games like High Frontier and Bios Megafauna. Pax, however, is a streamlined version of one of his earlier enormous games. The good press that this game is getting combined with a very small print run have resulted in very few copies in the hands of friendly local game stores, very limited.

Upcoming Events

Dads & Grads Sidewalk Sale: Assuming the weather cooperates next weekend, we’ll be slashing prices on some solid products and putting them on display out front. Come check it out if you are in town.

Netrunner League: Netrunner the card game is huge, and rightly so, it is a very satisfying and challenging game with a strong connection between its theme and its mechanics. Starting on June 29 we will host a 4-week casually competitive Netrunner League on Saturdays from 1-4pm. Seats are limited to 10 players, $10 gets you a spot, and you need to be willing to commit to the full 4 saturday sessions, though some opportunity to make up for missed sessions will be possible.

King of Tokyo Tournament, road to the nationals: Iello, the publisher of the hit game King of Tokyo, is planning a national tournament to be held at the largest US tabletop game convention, GenCon, in August. We have signed up to host a regional qualifier, so you have the chance to participate and work your way up the ladder. Seating is limited, $10 entry.

Pathfinder Camps: Back this summer are the Pathfinder Camps (Pathfinder is essentially Dungeons and Dragons), this time run by Tam the intern. Two camps will be offered, one July 9-12 and the other July 23-26, 1-5pm each day for 4 days. Campers will create characters and experience some good old fashioned tabletop adventuring. Each camp has 4 spots available and will cost $100 for the 4 days.


Posted: June 7, 2013 at 8:08 pm
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