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Posted on August 9th, 2012

A few months ago a rep from Gryphon games visited the shop to demo some of their lesser-known titles, and one of the games I ended up taking off his hands was a loosely space-themed game called Charon, Inc. After many plays, this unassuming little game has captivated the interest of my gaming group, so I thought I’d give it a little press to honor its elegeance.

In Charon, Inc you play as a corporate space mogul attempting to turn one half of Pluto’s largest moon into a massive complex of factories and offices. Each building is worth a different number of points, so the best mogul will be the player with the most points, not necessarily the player with the most buildings.

Each player has a hand of building cards, and to construct buildings, you need moon resources in the form of gems scattered across the planet. There are 6 gem colors, and every round you will randomly seed the different regions of the planet with fresh gems. Now the planet is divided into multiple sectors, each with its own color of gem, and to collect the gems from a given sector you need to have the most influence over that region, and this is where the game gets very, very interesting.

See everyone has 5 flag pieces on the board, one flag on each of five different action spaces. On your turn, you simply remove a flag from an action space to place it on the planet. This continues until everyone has placed 4 out of their 5 flags; the final flags remain on their action spaces and determine what special ability each player can perform. Thus, every time you place a flag on the planet, you are also deciding not to use the action associated with that flag. For fans of worker placement games, this is a very nice twist on the mechanism.

Where to place your flag on the planet is also very fascinating. As I mentioned, the planet is divided into sectors, and flags can be placed on the lines dividing those sectors or in the sector itself. When it is time to tally who has the most influence over a sector, you simply count the number of each player’s flags within or bordering a given sector. If their is a tie, flags within sectors are more powerful than flags flanking sectors. Essentially, with every flag placement, you need to decide whether you really want to firmly influence fewer sectors, or spread your influence thinly over a larger region to try and acquire more gems. When making this decision, everyone I have played the game with groans in both frustration and delight. What appears so simple at first becomes a pleasantly challenging spatial exercise.

My gaming group and I highly recommend this game for its unique and interesting challenges as well as its nice play length, about an hour. If the game sounds at all interesting, we do have a copy in our rental library, so take it home and give it a try. Your brain may burn a bit, but Charon is far enough away from the sun that you’ll just walk away with a nice space tan.

Posted on August 3rd, 2012

So the big news this week is the Sellwood/Westmoreland Passport event this Saturday, really a huge neighborhood street fair. We’ll have a music stage right in front of the shop with some great bands. We are also having a big sale all day saturday and some giveaways for the tots, so you’ll have plenty of reasons for hanging out at the Cloud. Definitely cruise the whole neighborhood though. Check out the acoustic music in front of Nectar, with a local 10-year old singing and playing, among other musicians. Also head over to the Wells Fargo where you’ll find some artisan booths. Make a day of it, and possibly a night of it because if we have any energy left and if anyone is interested we may stick around for some gaming.

As for game releases, the big deal this week is the Descent 2nd edition conversion kit. The main game was released a few weeks ago, and it is rapidly becoming the new standard for dungeon adventure games. The conversion kit allows owners of the 1st edition set and all expansions to convert their monsters and heroes to the new edition rules. I owned the first edition, hated it, sold it, and now I’m really regretting that decision. Luckily, there is enough in the second edition base set to keep me busy for many moons.

Speaking of dungeon questing, we want to encourage anyone with a youth interested in fantasy roleplaying to check out our second week-long Pathfinder camp page. The first camp was a hit, and Josh has graciously agreed to run a second week at the end of August. We know the price is high, but the gamemastering and youth management skills of Josh are worth it. The kids will also go home with about $50 worth of product so they can play with friends and family at home.

Other than that, we are still running our regular events this coming week: Pokemon League Saturday morning, a Magic draft tournament Saturday evening, and the Wednesday game gathering.

Oh, we also received a big batch of trade ins, so our used game shelf is stocked with great games in perfect condition, here’s a list of the new additions:
Ra, Tigris & Euphrates, Warhammer Invasion (with 20 expansions), Pandemic, Thurn & Taxis, Vegas Showdown, Save Doctor Lucky, dixit Odyssey, Take It Easy, The Golden City.

Finally rentals and demos. We have one new rental this week, K2, well worth a try. Our Ravensburger rep also just dropped off some cool demos: Asara, Seeland, FITS, & BITS.

Happy gaming!

Posted on July 27th, 2012

Hello gamers, summer keeps on trucking, and our air conditioning unit keeps on dripping, just water thankfully. And the poor thing has to work overtime on game nights, gaming brains can pump out some serious heat.

The first major announcement this week is a bit of a sad one. One of our fantastic loyal fans, Cameron, is leaving town next week to pursue some very sweet career opportunities for both his wife and himself. If you’ve met and gamed with Cameron, I’m sure you’ll agree that he is an outstanding guy, a tough competitor, and a joy to play games with. We will miss him. We have already missed his wife at game nights for many months now, but she has a good excuse. We wish Cameron, his wife, and their new family member the best as they embark upon a new strategic course.

The good news is that we will all have one more chance to face Cameron at the game table this Saturday at Meaty Game Day. Starting at 4pm, head over to the shop for some lengthy strategy games. Sure, you can always play the games with more reasonable play times, but the last Saturday of each month is a chance for those who like a nice heavy duty game to meet up and dive in. We’ll have the demo copy of Descent 2nd Edition for use, and we can pull a few of our somewhat meaty games out from the private cellar, such as Merchants & Marauders, Ascending Empires, Mage Knight, and Ora & Labora. We also have the new expansion for Alien Frontiers available for preview, and with the expansion, Alien Frontiers borders on a meaty game with a 3 hour play time.

Since there are no noteworthy new releases this week, I’ll just highlight some upcoming events next week. First off, we’ll be trying to run another Magic the Gathering draft tournament with the 2013 core set next Saturday at 5pm. Rally some friends for this, we’re trying to reach critical mass to kick these tournaments into high gear. And don’t be frightened, our Magic players are pretty awesome helpful humble folks.

Next Saturday is also the annual Sellwood/Westmoreland summer festival, formerly known as the Passport event. The whole event has been overhauled this year to be more like a street fair/party. We are going to have a live music stage right in front of our shop, and we will have a big sale on both new items and items we recently had to pull from our demo library to make room in there for new additions. Check out the event website for more details, and mark your calendars, this will be a great day to walk the entire area and check out all that is happening.

Finally, we want to give a huge full plate thank you to Josh for running our first ever Pathfinder Camp. He did a great job of leading a group of four 10-15 year-olds into a dangerous dungeon for four straight days, 4 hours a day. I am always amazed at how kids at that age can be intensely involved for 4+ hours with a roleplaying game. The kids all had a great time and went home with some sweet swag, including dice with dice pouches, a figurine, and either a hardbound book or a beginner box. Josh has agreed to run another camp in August if anyone is interested, so check the website for details. Thanks again Josh, and we hope all the players are now running adventures of their own at home!

What We’ve been playing: Lords of Waterdeep, Alien Frontiers, Descent 2nd Edition, Merchants & Marauders, Castles of Burgundy, Charon Inc., King of Tokyo, Friday.

A few used games came in yesterday: Stratego Star Wars and World Without End.

I will also be adding a bunch of new games to the rental shelf. I’ll be working at getting them rental ready today, so they may or may not be ready to go by the time you read this. This also means that some of the current rentals may need to get moved to the used area, so stop by the shop later today or tomorrow, or check the facebook page to see what got moved. Here’s a list of the new rentals:

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, A Few Acres of Snow, Flash Point Fire Rescue, Nightfall, Elder Sign, Tales of the Arabian Nights

Posted on July 13th, 2012

Yikes, Friday the 13th! Be careful out there, maybe its a good day to come stay safe in the shop and play a game with no sharp pieces.

And appropriately, the big new release this week is the 2013 core set for Magic: The Gathering, in fact, most shops have been running tournaments since 12am this morning. We won’t have our products until this afternoon, so get some sleep then come check us out. We will be getting some new Deckbuilders Toolkits, which is a fantastic product for those just starting to explore the world of Magic or those who want a jump start on the new set. We will not be having any tournaments this week to celebrate the release, no reason to compete with the hardcore card shops, but next Saturday evening we will hold our first M13 draft tournament.

Sadly, we have no new board game releases, and I’m guessing that the Magic release has something to do with that. Luckily, the German Game of the Year committee did not let the Magic juggernaut overshadow board games, and they announced their choice for both the game of the year (Spiel des Jahres) and the advanced game of the year (Kennerspiel des Jahres). For game of the year, Kingdom Builder gets the badge, and while I have not played the other nominees, I am very pleased with the jury’s choice, as I have explained previously. This is the second time that the American designer Donald X. Vaccarino has won this award, his first being for Dominion, so congrats Donald, keep pumping out the good ones (Infiltration and Nefarious are two of his recent good ones, probably not award winners though!). As for the advanced game of the year, A game called Village won the award, which is awesome because now it will see wider distribution in the US. The only advanced game of the year nominee that I had played was K2, which I really, really enjoy (ask for a demo if you are interested), unfortunately its price makes it completely unmarketable.

Events this upcoming week are limited to our Pokemon league this Saturday morning and our regular Game Gathering this Wednesday evening. Pathfinder camp begins next week and we are all full, but if you are still interested let us know and perhaps we’ll run another in late August. We’ve also still got the Descent 2nd edition preview copy in the shop, so ask at the counter if you want to fondle and play that beauty.

Have a great summer weekend everyone!

Posted on July 12th, 2012

Many years ago I saved a few bucks and scraped the bottom of change cups whenever a friend gave me a ride, all to purchase a coffin sized box covered in bright fantasy artwork and filled with heaps of fantasy dungeon creation goodness. Because the price tag at that time was a smooth $100, I did wait until a year-end blow out sale at a local store (sure, I could have bought online, but friendly local game stores are too important and enjoyable to visit).

The game I finally purchased was Descent 1st edition, a pure dungeon crawl adventure game in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, with one person playing the evil overlord opposed by the other players acting as heros. I was so thrilled, and a bit overwhelmed, when I brought the box home and tore into it. It had so many tiles, chits, and handfuls of plastic miniatures that as I sorted the pieces I knew the game just had to be awesome, and I quickly got a group together to play it, including my wife.

Well, I, and everyone present, despised the game after the first playthrough, and 2 more attempts did not improve my feelings towards it. I really wanted to like it, but after 30+ minutes of setting up a game, then 3 hours of arduous fiddly play, the fantasy dungeon crawl experience just got lost for me amongst all the bits, line-of-sight calculations, and endless number of special items that you barely remembered you had.

Flash forward to this past weekend, where I had the chance to preview the 2nd edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark at Cloud Cap Games (thank you Fantasy Flight for the opportunity). The first change I noticed with the 2nd edition was the box size, about half of the original, very nice. Once I opened the box, I was sooooo pleased to find only about half of the fiddly bits from the original, and more efficient and beautifully illustrated map tiles. Sure, there are fewer plastic minis, but they are still just as cool. The other fantastic item you receive in the new edition that cost an extra $60 to get for the original is a campaign guide, with rules and quests for creating a continuing story where both the heros and the overlord become more powerful and specialized.

I’ve played the 2nd edition numerous times now and I really enjoy it as the game I wanted when I first brought that coffin box home many years ago. Overall, the game is just more streamlined, all the fiddly parts take far less time than they used to, and the focus is now on playing. Every single encounter I’ve played has taken about an hour, and that includes set-up time and rules explanation for new players. Though the games play quick, they are incredibly engrossing, every move and roll of the dice is important for both the heros and the overlord, and all of your items and special abilities come into play. The individual quests are well made, and every one feels unique. Last night we played a quest where the overlord was trying to roll boulders into a canyon to stop the adventurers from reaching a bridge, so fighting the monsters was not the only concern the heros had. Even the decision to grab loot before fleeing the canyon was a difficult one, and had to be timed correctly.

Descent 2nd edition is simply awesome if you are looking for a dungeon crawl experience. The campaign rules and quest book will provide, reportedly, 20 hours for a single campaign. Adding new skills and items in between quests is very controlled so that each choice matters, and your character near the end of the campaign will perform very differently than they did at the beginning. Playing as the overlord is extremely challenging, so a single play through the campaign will not suffice for those who want to try and master each scenario.

The game won’t officially hit the shelves for at least another few weeks, but the preview demo copy is in the shop for any who want to try it out, and of course we are taking pre-orders. If you give it a try, I highly recommend running through the introductory quest, then leveling up and playing another quest to get the full experience. Hats off to you Fantasy Flight for a fantastic revision, and for bringing out my inner giggly geek dungeon-loving boy!

Posted on July 6th, 2012

Hello everyone, and happy sun. We have a great weekend coming up with both a Magic draft tournament (Avacyn Restored) and, drum roll please, previews of Descent 2nd edition! The wait for 2nd edition Descent has been long, but from what we’ve seen so far it has been well worth it. I was not a big fan of the original Descent due to its fiddliness, but I am excited to experience the story and campaign driven 2nd edition with a refined ruleset. So if fantasy is your thing, stop on by this weekend to geek out.

Speaking of fantasy geeking, Small World Realms released this week, but unfortunately we will not have it in our hands until next week due to the holiday shipping schedule. Realms is an add-on to Small World that brings modular map tiles to the game, as well as story-based games that rely on accomplishing specific goals rather than just grabbing up territory. Sounds very interesting, so more on that next week.

Game release news, however, is really dominated this week by two BIG re-releases: King of Tokyo and A Few Acres of Snow. Because of limited distribution, we are still trying to fill all of our preorders on these titles, but we should have a few extra copies of King of Tokyo for sale this weekend. Sadly, A Few Acres of Snow won’t be available until next week, and even then we’ll only have a few copies. If you would like either of these games let us know, because once this batch is gone we will likely not see them again until next year. Yes, these games are really that awesome! We have King of Tokyo for rent, and with an appropriate bribe I can pull my Few Acres off the private reserve shelf.

One new rental this week: Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Finally, our used game shelf is extremely thin right now, so if you have any games gathering dust, bring them in for some credit. See our web page for full buyback details.

Have a great weekend!

Posted on June 29th, 2012

Well the heat is on folks. We’ll be hauling the heavyweight room cooler into the shop as soon as we get enough hands on deck. Until then, things might get a little swampy in the shop, but we’ll do our best to keep the breeze moving through. Now is the time to truly test your mettle at the game table. How well can you manage your resources when the heat is on?

Oh, before I forget, we will be open normal hours all next week. Independence Day does fall on a Wednesday though. Game night is still happening, but maybe we’ll end it a little early to go watch some light shows?

As for new product, we’ve got another slow week, thank goodness there are plenty of great games already. We did get in a new batch of Lego Minifigures though. Our restock of activity books also arrived with some perfect items for the summer travel plans: dot-to-dots for all ages, Sudoku books, and great adventure maze books.

On to the events. . . . .

Meaty Game Day: It has been a long month, but finally the last Saturday is here. So bring your heavy duty games to the shop tomorrow starting around 4pm. We know that sometimes it can be tough to decide which meaty games to play, so bring your favorites and maybe we’ll decide the winner with a game of CandyLand!

Descent 2nd Edition Previews: I was not a huge fan of the original Descent, mainly because I did not want to sink hundreds of dollars into all the expansions that truly made the game great. But I have to admit that I am pretty excited about the new edition since it packs so much more into one box, at a lower price, and with a refined rule set. If all goes well we will have a preview copy of the revised version by next weekend. We currently have organised games scheduled for Saturday July 7 and Sunday July 8 at 1pm. If you have any interest in fantasy adventuring, give this game a try. Imagine a board game version of Dungeons and Dragons, but with a really mean gamemaster!

Avacyn Restored Draft Tournament: Next Saturday, July 7, is Magic the Gathering tournament time. This will be the last tournament with the Avacyn Restored set before the 2013 core is released, so come throw some angels into battle!


Posted on June 22nd, 2012

Well, for gamers, the big news this week is the return of Eclipse, a sleek space empire building game. Eclipse is categorized as a 4X game, which means the game involves eXploring a map, eXpanding your empire, eXploiting planets, and eXterminating your opponents. Generally these types of games fall into a more American style classification because of their reliance on combat and tons of plastic pieces. Eclipse, though, feels much more like a European game, and one that relies heavily on sound financial management.  Many of our regular game night attendees now own this game and will gladly play it, so if you are at all interested, stop by early on a Wednesday night and ask nicely.

For those not interested in lengthy empire building games, there are really no worthy new releases this week. However, we have plenty of amazing games in stock to meet your needs, some of which we were able to play this last week. 7 Wonders with the leaders expansion made it to the table, and I was reminded of how immensely satisfying this game is for such a quick experience. Kirsten and I enjoyed some Dominion with a few folks at the game gathering, and as usual, Kirsten’s intuitive feel for this game left her with far too many provinces and the win! I also played Ticket to Ride and Small World this week, both excellent lighter strategy games, and they are set up on our demo tables if you’d like to know more about them. Finally, Donald Vaccarino’s new games, Nefarious and Infiltration, are good social games that rely on predicting your opponents behavior, and being a bit mean. Oh, and Castle Panic is an enjoyable cooperative game with knights and trolls, it was also the featured game on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop last week, so check it out.

Well, that’s it for the games, on to the Events:

Meaty Game Day (June 30, 4-11pm): Wow, it is nearly here, we have to wait so long for our last saturday event when the month has so many saturdays. If you like your games rich, juicy, and lengthy, this is the day to park your rear in the shop. I personally cannot wait cuz I love the long ones. TC will be running a Twilight Imperium: Rex game at 4pm, and I would like to get in some Mage Knight around 7pm if anyone is interested. But please bring your favorites and play a round of Candyland to see who gets their game to the table.

Twilight Imperium: Rex (June 30, 4pm): This is a reskin of the old Dune game, not the massive Twilight Imperium 4X game. Join TC as he wheels and deals his way toward ownership of the emperor’s throne!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Camp (July 17-20, 1-4pm): Ever wanted to weild a sword or powerful magic, then crash a goblin party and take all their loot? Well, if you sign up for the Pathfinder camp, you’ll get that chance. But beware, I think gamemaster Josh has far more dangerous beasties than goblins lined up at the dungeon entrance! See the website for full details, and RSVP for a seat.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition mini-adventures: Ian just stopped by yesterday with a proposal to run 2 afternoon D&D sessions for ages 12 and up. I’m still working on a web page with full details, but if you are interested come by the shop or give a call. Ian is very interested in running a mini-adventure for adults too, so get the big geeky gang together.

Descent 2nd edition Preview Weekend: This is going to be awesome! We have been selected to run preview events for the revised and reprinted Descent game, which means we’ll have a demo copy in the shop a few weeks before the official release! If you don’t know about this game, think epic dungeon crawling board game where you team up with other heros against a wicked overlord who gets to control the monsters and throw various nasty obstacles in your way. Currently, we have 3 game sessions planned, so reserve a seat and get ready for some good old fashioned Ameritrash fun.

Recently added used games:

Citadels, Torres, Axis & Allies Pacific, Ramses Pyramid Lego Game, Hellas, Medici vs. Strozzi, Hera & Zeus, Bang, T-Rex, Lord of the Rings cooperative board game



Posted on June 15th, 2012

Finally, school is out for everyone today! Congrats to all the grads out there, and of course all the dads. If you need any last minute gifts for either group, we will do our best to set you up with something special.

If you need to get your gaming fix this weekend, we’ve got a few special events planned for Saturday. First off, it is free Role Playing Game (RPG) day, which means, guess what, free stuff, primarily in the form of quickstart rules and mini-adventures for various RPG systems. And we are very excited to have a whole afternoon of Pathfinder, experienced gamemasters will be in the shop from 1pm-7pm, so come be a hero for an hour or two!

We are also running a Magic the Gathering, Avacyn Restored draft tournament this Saturday at 5pm. Our tournaments are very, very casual, so if you have any experience with Magic, come play with some good folks and have a chance at some prizes.

New Arrivals

Nefarious: Another Donald  X. Vaccarino (aka, Mr. Dominion and Kingdom Builder) game, this time you play as a mad scientist attempting to invent outrageous items, all while trying to guess what your fellow scientists are trying to do in their laboratories. Looks like another game with more social elements than either Dominion or Kingdom Builder, more along the lines of his just released Infiltration game.

Fortress America: A needlesssly expensive reprint of a game that occupied many of my summer high school days, but I do remember scraping money together with my buddies to buy this game even back then, so maybe the price is in accordance with inflation? Anyway, it is a great game in which America is under attack on three fronts. Play as the Americans and defend against hordes of invaders, or play as one of the invaders. This game has some nice stuff going on, like surprise action cards, a massive laser attack option, and the ability of the Americans to call standard citizens to arms. If there is any kid left in you, this game is awesome!

Dominant Species (reprint): A very popular game about evolving your particular critters to become the dominant species at the end of the game. And believe me, that and game scoring matters A LOT, but most people aren’t aware of it during the first 6 hours. Cool theme and some interesting player interactions make this a nice rich experience.

Buckyballs & Buckycubes: Buckyballs are back, they gave us an offer we could not refuse. The price has shot up due to Chinese rare earth prices, but if you want a set you no longer have to go to OMSI to get them, though OMSI is not a bad place to have to go. And while supplies last, every Buckyball purchase comes with a free book of awesome modeling ideas.

Upcoming Events

Free RPG Day: I mentioned it up above, but stop on by for some adventure and free goodies.

Avacyn Restored Draft: Also mentioned it above. $15 entry fee gets you 3 packs for the draft, a chance at more packs as prizes, and everyone will walk with some door prizes.

Twilight Imperium: REX: Mark your calenders and reserve a seat, Emporer TC wants to fight to regain his throne. June 30, 4pm.

Meaty Games Day: Get ready to park your rear for many hours, because folks will be bringing some heavy duty games to play. June 30, 4-11pm.

Descent 2nd edition: We have been selected by Fantasy Flight Games to host a preview weekend of the rerelease of Descent, an epic fantasy adventure game, now with campaign rules included. Mark your calendars for July 6-8. TC is already gearing up to run a game or two on Sunday, July 8, starting at 1pm, so reserve a seat. We should also have games running that Friday evening and Saturday. Check the website or facebook page for updates.


Posted on June 8th, 2012

We’ve got a fair bit of newness this week, so omce on in and browse through the pretty stuff. Maybe wait until the afternoons though, seems like the rain in the morning, sun in the PM pattern is sticking around. Some bad news, one of my distributors miffed a very large restock order, so we’ll be a little low on hobby game products this weekend, hopefully it won’t be too noticeable. If you would like to experience my initial reaction to this sad news, check out this link, taken from one of the worst pieces of cinema ever produced!

New Arrivals

Quarmageddon: Lots more dice for this fun and zany game. Loosen the tie for this baby, because seriousness is not allowed.

Lord of the Rings Nazgul: WizKids has produced some hits lately (Quarriors, Mage Knight), and some possible bombs (Star Trek Fleet Captains). Their new take on the Lord of the Rings sounds interesting, and the Nazgul Clix minis are sweet, we’ll just have to see about the gameplay. Luckily, we have a demo copy to test out.

Tournay: A new card game from the designer of Troyes, which is a very nice euro-style game. The first person to purchase this game needs to play a round with me before they leave the shop.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis: The reprint of this in your face casual game is finally back. Sit back and enjoy sending your fellow players to the sharks. Grab it now if you want a copy, because when its gone we’ll be lucky to have it back by Christmas with the way reprints are going these days.

The Resistance: Another reprint of a fantastic social game. As part of the resistance against the big bad corporate world, you’ll be selecting teams to accompany you on sabotage missions, you just better hope the team you select has no corporate spys! We’ve got a demo copy of this if you are interested.

Saboteur: Another great social game involving traitors. This time you’ll be working together to build tunnels to reach the gold, just watch out for the traitor trying to sabotage the mining expedition.

Thinkfun: We have finally picked up the Thinkfun line of great products. They are best known for their puzzle game, Rush Hour, but Pathwords and Knot so Fast are two of our favorites. All Thinkfun products are extremely captivating and travel friendly. Come try out some of our hands on demos.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Game Gathering: Good folks and good games. Bring your own games, or just show up and join in. Either way, don’t be shy, this is a very casual game night. Wednesday 6-10pm.

Pokemon League: Trade and play on saturdays from 10am-noon.

Magic the Gathering: Avacyn Restored Draft Tournament: We have officially begun our regular Magic tournaments. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 5pm we’ll hold a casual draft or constructed tournament. Don’t expect to train for the nationals here, but do expect to experience what an enjoyable game Magic can be.

Twilight Imperium: Rex, Final Days of the Empire: The once great Emporer TC will be hosting a game where he and up to 5 other freaky races will fight for control of his throne. Join him this Meaty Games Day (Saturday, June 30, 4pm), but RSVP if interested, and ages 17 and up only.

Free RPG Day: The day for free roleplaying goodies is almost here! Next Saturday, June 16, stop by the shop for some free quickstart guides and experience the creative awesomeness that is roleplaying. We should have multiple Pathfinder (basically Dungeons and Dragons) demo sessions throughout the day, so come escape reality for a while. We are also still looking for any other folks interested in gamemastering that day.

Pathfinder Camp: Speaking of Pathfinder, we will be hosting a 4 day camp in late July for young adventurers ages 10 and up. Let us know if you are interested, seating is very limited.

New Rentals and Used Games

Rentals: Charon Inc., Infiltration, The Hobbit, Kingdom Builder Nomads.

Used: Mystery Express, Munchkin with 3 expansions, Munchkin Zombies, Wings of War Dawn of WWII, Bubble Talk, Railroad Rush Hour, Train of Thought, Endavor, Carcassonne New World, Carcassonne Princess and Dragon.