The Big 4

It is time to celebrate folks, Cloud Cap Games turns 4 years old this fall, and we’ll be throwing a party on Saturday, October 25. Since we have all of you to thank for us making it this far, we’re giving you 20% off nearly everything on our shelves from Noon-7pm on Saturday. We’ll also have some sale tables with items at an even bigger discount. Come browse, you’ve earned it.

Then, on Saturday night, it is time to get our gaming on, because that is what we are in business to do. Cloud Cap was born in 2010, so all night we’ll be rocking games from that year. And boy was it a good year for games. There is a reason that the board game renaissance really hit its stride in 2010, and why that was the year we started to see the big box stores seriously begin to commit to carrying key hobby games. So go and search your collections everyone, especially for those sparkly gems that have not hit the table much.

Four years ago, we had the insane idea that people wanted more out of a game store than cases and cases of Magic singles and nightly Magic herd events. We wanted, and we bet a lot of money on the idea that others wanted, a game store that actually knew about all the products they sold, not just a single product line. We also wanted to create a gathering place for a broader segment of game players, and more importantly, a place that would foster a community beyond the games. The fact that we are here 4 years later, and planning on being here for years to come, says that, at least to some extent, we were right, and have accomplished our goals.

But I won’t lie, this past year has been a challenging one for us. We realized during the first quarter that we had overextended ourselves by running 2 game nights every week, and by the second quarter we made the difficult decision to cut our Saturday game nights. For a store that was designed to foster community, this was a counter-intuitive decision, but one that had to be made to maintain our energy. The first and second quarters were also flat, and we came to grips with the fact that our growth was stalling in large part due to our location. Even if we were the first choice store for many, in actuality we became their last stop. It also became clear to us this year that the brick and mortar retail model was on its way out, at least without selling Magic singles. When we opened our shop, we knew that online hobby game sales accounted for well over 70% of purchases, but this year we really started to feel the sting of Kickstarter taking even more of the pie. We’ve learned a lot from these fourth year challenges, and we are already attempting to adapt as we move into our fifth year.

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that earlier this year I was a bit disheartened about our performance. While still uneasy, small business owners are always uneasy I think, I am now much more excited about moving into our fifth year. One big reason for this excitement is our crew. Somehow we managed to get Kirsten full-time in the shop at the beginning of the year, and I think you all know what an asset she is to the business. Ben also joined us this year and has proven to be a stellar staff member and a friend. The loyalty of many of our customers is also encouraging, and their ability to step up and help out occasionally is amazing.

This week we will be meeting with an OLCC investigator to makes plans for providing alcoholic beverages, which we hope will allow us to expand our events without relying on inventory sales to fund them. We are also gradually moving online in an attempt to remove distance from the equation and offer our products to Portlanders who may be reluctant to make the trip to southeast Snoozewood. Our rental sales have grown quite a bit, and we plan on expanding that service throughout our fifth year. Finally, we will be looking for ways to offer more family events. There is massive demand for kids and family events, and we will be cautiously trying to meet this demand.

Thanks everyone, and please come party with us this Saturday! Now, I must go prepare for some Sunday Doomtown goodness.

Posted: October 19, 2014 at 6:28 pm
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