The Force is Awake

Force Friday may have come and gone, but the branded products aren’t stopping. Fantasy Flight has repackaged their X-Wing starter set, adding lots of blue color to the box and the ships. The same cool mini ships and gameplay, but now 100% more soothing.

If you do grab yourself an X-Wing starter set, you will also want to pick up a cool new Perplexus Death Star to fully reenact the classic movie scene. Once you’re done talking like Luke and making cool fake laser pulse sounds, you can try to send a tiny metal ball through one crazy maze into the heart of this addictive planet destroying labyrinth.

We also received a few expansion this week, for Tragedy Looper and Camel Up, two very different game experiences, but great in their own right.

Finally, tiny but mighty Mottainai is here. Carl Chudyk is one crazy game designer, and he’s no copycat, except of his own designs perhaps. Best known for Glory to Rome and Innovation, now he brings us Mottainai, another twist on the Glory to Rome concept, I’m in. Chudyk is sorta like the Uwe Rosenberg of ‘which way do you want to rotate your cards’ games.

Oh yeah, we have our Kickstarter copies of the Epic card game (from the designers of Star Realms) arriving this week, as well as our store prerelease kit. We wanted to run an event for Epic this coming weekend, but guess what, its intellectual predecessor, Magic, owns the whole weekend. Stay tuned for an update on when the event will happen. We also have a killer 7 Wonders organized play kit, so get ready for another Splendid Evening, or a 7 Wonderful Evening I guess.

That’s my short but sweet update gang. One more week left on our stay/vacation. Game on while I fish on!

Posted: September 20, 2015 at 5:46 pm
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