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This past Monday, Facebook sent me a friendly reminder that a friend, who was once just a customer, was getting one year older. Having some time off, I game him a call and he finagled the afternoon off work so we could get together and play one of his new favorite games, Eldritch Horror, Fantasy Flight’s new game based on the ficiton of H.P. Lovecraft. Now I’m not a Lovecraft fan, and Fantasy Flight’s most popular Lovecraft game, Arkham Horror, remedies my insomnia. So I had my doubts about playing Eldritch Horror, but not with this friend. I’ll play nearly anything with this guy.

See, I love gaming for two main reasons. First, I crave the unique mental challenge and stimulation that board games provide. But second, and just as important, I crave the social interaction that board games foster. Driving up to Washington this Monday to play with a friend who was once a customer reminded me of just how important the social aspect of our hobby is.

In the 3 years that the shop has been open, I’ve played games with more strangers than ever before, and now many of those people are more than strangers. Some are now friends and some have become employees. Some have become co-designers and perhaps future business partners.

So here’s a big thank you to our great regular customers and game night crew. I’ve honestly never attended better game nights and love playing games with you guys. See you Saturday gang!

Now for new games this week, none. Just save your money for Eldritch Horror next week and Caverna in a few weeks. By the way, Eldritch Horror is a blast, even if Arkham Horror frightens you. And when Caverna arrives I want to have a Caverna-only game night because our preorders are through the roof!

Finally, don’t forget about the shopping deals next weekend. Little Boxes is going to get you into a great raffle and give you discounts at tons of great Portland shops. Supportland is offering triple points! That means you’ll get 15 points for a purchase, and considering that there are a ton of sweet rewards for 50-100 points, it won’t take much shopping to get free stuff. Most of the Little Boxes shops are also Supportland members, so if you need to do some shopping, pound some pavement next weekend and get some goodies. Or, go get trampled on 82nd avenue.

Happy Gaming folks!

Posted: November 22, 2013 at 4:57 pm
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