The Wacky World of Gaming

We’ll start off this discussion of wackiness with a mildly anticipated game that arrives today, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig. What makes this game wacky you ask? Well the Mad king himself, because he’s tasked you with constructing a castle using oddly shaped rooms with strange purposes. I’m hoping that we’ll see an expansion that involves laying siege to opponents’ castles with wacky weaponry. I am personally excited to play this game, so expect a demo/rental copy ASAP (speaking of rentals, I just added Camel Up, Subdivision, and the Battle at Kemble’s Cascade).

Want more wacky? How about a second podcast started by a game night regular? I mentioned many moons ago that a few of our regulars started a podcast called Punching Cardboard. I’m happy to report that the podcast is going strong, and at a breakneck speed of one episode per week. Some industry honchos have begun to take notice of these guys, and you might want to as well. But now, another of our customers, and an occasional guest host on Punching Cardboard, has started his own podcast with his wife and friend. They are still working on the wool over their microphones, literally, so right now we only have a sneak peak of what is to come, but check it out at the I think I just heard the Xbox achievement sound come on for “Dos Podcasteros”.

Now I’ve got a wacky topic for you podcasters, why are publishers pumping out new games at an industry-killing pace while refusing to reprint great games that SELL OUT EVERY TIME THEY ARE MADE!!!!!! I recently played Carson City and found it to be an excellent worker placement game with challenging area control aspects. But guess what, this well-regarded game is completely out of print. Must be a trend with enjoyable area control games, like El Grande. What other great games make the list of not available in ages? Well, we’ve got Lost Cities, Lost Cities for crying out loud! Luckily we’ll be getting that back, but not before we get hundreds of other games that the publishers aren’t sure they can sell. Wacky. Caylus is another one that does not stay on the shelf long, but we only see about one tiny print run per year. This industry is just plain crazy, makes me pull my hair out into a Wonka-do.

How about more industry craziness, in the form of Marvel Dice Masters, and the shape of the new series, the Uncanny X-Men. This set recently graced our shelves, and window display, and way too much space in our storeroom. But guess what, now that supply is not an issue, demand is gone. When the first series hit, the product was selling like water at Burning Man. But now? Meh. So what does this mean? That the new color for the set, blue, is psychologically too relaxing and does not encourage purchases? That the word uncanny in the title makes people feel uncomfortable? Or is it that the game is only good if its not available? Bing, Bing, Bing, right answer Jim. Welcome to the game industry. Oh no, is this why I like Carson City and El Grande so much?

Oh boy, I might be losing it, so before I get too wacky wide-eyed I’m going to go listen to a few podcasts and get ready for a round of Mage Knight, it has a special way of calming me down.

Posted: November 7, 2014 at 5:08 pm
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