Thunderstone Quest

Thunderstone, the original deck-building dungeon crawler, is back, in a BIG way. No joke, the box is large, thick really, like something you’d use to support a fence post.

For those who never played the original game, think Dominion meets a hack and slash Dungeons and Dragons session. Visit the village to buy weapons, spells, and items, as well as level up your heroes (these are actually all cards that go into your personal deck). Shop smart, and you’ll be able to make frequent visits to the dungeon for some monster bashing.

As much a I enjoyed the original Thunderstone, it had many flaws, enough to keep it often the table too often. I jokingly redefined the publisher’s acronym, AEG, to mean ‘Almost Excellent Games’. Back in the day, calculating the amount of light you needed to enter the dungeon almost required an advanced math degree. The dungeon could also get clogged with impossibly difficult monsters, or you could end up with not enough light, or too many wounds, and you’d end up wasting turn after turn doing nothing satisfying. AEG even made a second edition, of sorts, to try and repair the game, but they didn’t go far enough and it could be found on the clearance rack of most stores.

Thankfully, this new Quest version seems to have fixed the major issues in the original. Taking wounds and gathering light no longer require putting possibly junky cards in your deck. And, while entering the dungeon can still often feel like a math quiz, it’s far more satisfying and tactical. On top of it all, they added new greatness, mainly quests, so now a single game can feel like a true adventure within a larger story.

We’ve got a handful of the Kickstarter copies left, and they are loaded, 5 quests in total. Don’t expect a rental of this big guy, but do come at least lift it a few times, it’ll count as your gym time!

Posted: March 11, 2018 at 2:06 am
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