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Before I explain the title of this week’s blog post, many thank you’s are in order. A few weeks ago the Mercury posted their reader’s choice awards and we were pretty amazed to find our silly little shop ┬áranked as the second favorite Game Store in PDX. Number 2 folks! I know, I know, its only the silver medal, but that is prerrt darn good considering that we’re the smallest and the hardest to get to. So thank you to anyone out there who voted. But heck, thank you if you did not vote too. I’m guessing that part of the reason we made it up the list is our community vibe, and that is all you loyal reader. I think all of you have more to do with our approval rating than we do, people return to our humble space for you as much as us.

We witnessed an example of this just this past Wednesday when a regular member of our game night community spent his final night with us before traveling east for professional pursuits. Cupcakes were baked (not by us) and shared, wine was gloriously spilled, and hugs and hearty goodbyes were dished out. This is why we made number 2, because that game night feeling permeates the store even in-between game nights. So thank you, no thank you, oh no its all you, oh stop it, its you, really.

Now while our shop was basking in the number 2 spot, I was grinding gears in last place, twice in a row, in GMT’s newest release, Thunder Alley. It’s a card-driven NASCAR-themed game with 4 beautifully huge tracks and lots of annoying little damage chits, annoying because they will be piling up on your cards and slowing you down unless you hit the pits. What really makes this game special is the prominent drafting mechanic. Nearly every move you make brings a whole group of cars with you, and since you are actually in control of multiple racers, drafting is the key to victory. Of course, your cars are rarely alone in a particular pack, so you need to be careful about who tags along with you.

Despite my poor back-to-back performances, this game was a blast, just pure fun. It is also the first GMT game that I could play with my family and non-gaming friends because it really isn’t that complicated and makes great thematic sense. We racked up a second game right after the first, and we would easily have played a third round if we had time. I highly recommend this game, but it is sadly now out of stock. Hopefully we’ll see a reprint soon, but I’m sure you’ll get a chance to over-fund it on Kickstarter first, yay for the world. By the way, Thunder Alley did not even reach half of its funding goal when it was initially proposed on Kickstarter, but some bloke collected a decent annual salary by Kickstarting his first attempt at Potato Salad. Ughh. Those are fine clothes you’re wearing emporer, interested in some shoes?

New games will be hitting our round table tomorrow, including Twin Tin Bots, Friday the 13th, and a Biblios reprint from Iello. We also now have a limited number of Betrayal at House on the Hill back in stock. Last week we received Madame Ching and Hotel Tycoon, and both of those should be available for rent later today.

Finally, with GenCon approaching we will soon be seeing a slew of new games, and if you are interested in any of these, definitely get us your preorders. Some of the most requested of the GenCon batch so far are Machi Koro, Imperial Settlers, the Star Realms reprint, Dead of Winter, and 7 Wonders: Babel.

Happy Gaming everyone!

Posted: August 1, 2014 at 3:50 pm
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