Weekly Shop Update: 5/25/2012

Happy Memorial Weekend Folks. We’ve got a fair bit of new stuff to announce, so let’s jump right into it:


MEATY GAME DAY is tomorrow (May 26) at 4pm. Bring your hearty lengthy games and play them with others willing to let their bums go numb.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: During meaty game day, Admiral Mike will be organising an epic session of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA the board game, with all expansions. This is a wonderful game experience that really stays true to the core tension in the TV show, so definitely give this a try if you’ve got a few hours. Starts about 4pm.

MAGIC DRAFT TOURNAMENT: On Saturday June 2 we will be running a Magic the Gathering Draft style Tournament starting at 6pm. Entry is $13, which includes 3 packs to draft with and prizes for the winner(s).

FREE RPG DAY: Saturday June 16 is free roleplaying game day. We’ll have a bunch of free goodies from different publishers, and we’ll hopefully have a few game sessions running. If anyone is interested in being a GM for their favorite game, please contact us and we’ll hook you up with some swag.

PATHFINDER CAMP: Speaking of RPGs, we’ll be hosting a 4-day Pathfinder camp for ages 10 and up. For those who do not know what Pathfinder is, think Dungeons and Dragons. The camp is tentatively scheduled for July 17-20, and will cost $175 per player, which will include all materials needed to play as well as some snacks and other goodies. Seating is very limited, so please contact us if you are interested.

PATHFINDER SUMMER CAMPAIGN: Cloud Cap has an intern interested in running on ongoing Pathfinder Campaign for no more than 4 players ages 13 and up. Let us know if you are interested, days and times are still not set.

POKEMON LEAGUE: Now officially on Saturday mornings from 10-noonish.

WEDNESDAY GAME GATHERING: This is our weekly board game gathering. Come on by and play some games with good people. We do our best to help you get up and running on a new game if necessary, and others will do their best to include you, so don’t be shy.

New Product Arrivals:

KITES, KITES, KITES, AND MORE . . . .¬† That’s right, we’ve brought in a few kites, but not your average plastic throw away ones, these are high quality kites from HQ. We have some stunning single line kites and some sweet dual line stunt kites at affordable prices. Come check these out, or find me at the park tomorrow crashing my stunt kite into the ground. We also have a few outdoor games and activities from HQ.

ORA & LABORA should be back in stock this afternoon.

MANSIONS OF MADNESS: HOUSE OF FEARS expansion is also expected today.

K2 was nominated for the kennerspiel des jahres award (basically, hardcore game of the year), and we’ve got a copy coming in today as well as the expansion.

New rentals and demos: We will be throwing the Kingdom Builder expansion into the rental copy as soon as it is returned. We’ve also put the Going Cardboard DVD on the rental shelf.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

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