Weekly Shop Update: 6/1/2012

Grads and Dads month is here, and its time to crank up the radio when Alice Cooper belts out “School’s out for Summer”. For those who get a summer break, enjoy every last second of it. For those stuck inside all summer, staring longingly out the window at the beautiful sunny days, our first new arrival this week is your chance to stick it to the big bad corporate man. Whatever your situation, check out Tabletop’s show on Munchkin, then help us kick off the arrival of June at our First Friday art opening tonight, where Lisa Thomas shows off her stunning works of game art.

New Arrivals

Infiltration: The man who brought us Dominion brings us yet another good looking game about competing to be the best futuristic corporate thief. Check out these rules if you want to get prepared for bringing it to the table tonight.

Magic 2012 Planechase: Planechase is a multiplayer format for Magic the Gathering that involves traveling between different planes at various points in the game. Each plane changes the rules environment, and the new set introduces Phenomenon cards that have immediate effects during interplanar travel. The set consists of 4 new complete and limited edition decks, each with limited cards available only in these decks. If you don’t want to buy a pack, why not join us for our Avacyn Restored draft tournament this saturday evening and try to win a pack!

Pokemon Kyurem Box: Kyurem is getting his own special box, complete with a figurine, a special foil card, and 4 booster packs. Grab a box during our Pokemon league saturday morning from 10-noon and experience the thrill of busting out that figurine when your Kyurem foil card hits the table.

Big Bang Theory Party Game: Sounds like you’ll need to be a pretty big fan of the show to enjoy this Apples to Apples style party game.

Lemonade Stand: All the fun of the real deal, but you get to keep your tooth enamel.

Upcoming Special Events

First Friday Art Gathering: Join us for some, sips, snacks, and some pretty cool new art in the demo room, 6-8pm.

Pokemon League: New day and time, 10-noon this saturday morning.

Magic the Gathering, Avacyn Restored Draft Tournament: At the request of our small but incredibly awesome group of Magic customers, we’ll be holding a draft tournament this saturday evening at 6pm. We hope to continue these tournaments every few weeks and expand our fledgling Magic community into the nicest bunch of summoners in the city. The entry cost of $13 gets you 3 packs for the draft and a chance to win some prizes, including a Planechase deck for the winner.

New on the Rental and Used Shelves:

No new used games this week. We are working on getting K2 on the rental shelf, and will be adding Infiltration as well.


Happy Gaming!

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