Weekly Shop Update: 6/15/12

Finally, school is out for everyone today! Congrats to all the grads out there, and of course all the dads. If you need any last minute gifts for either group, we will do our best to set you up with something special.

If you need to get your gaming fix this weekend, we’ve got a few special events planned for Saturday. First off, it is free Role Playing Game (RPG) day, which means, guess what, free stuff, primarily in the form of quickstart rules and mini-adventures for various RPG systems. And we are very excited to have a whole afternoon of Pathfinder, experienced gamemasters will be in the shop from 1pm-7pm, so come be a hero for an hour or two!

We are also running a Magic the Gathering, Avacyn Restored draft tournament this Saturday at 5pm. Our tournaments are very, very casual, so if you have any experience with Magic, come play with some good folks and have a chance at some prizes.

New Arrivals

Nefarious: Another DonaldĀ  X. Vaccarino (aka, Mr. Dominion and Kingdom Builder) game, this time you play as a mad scientist attempting to invent outrageous items, all while trying to guess what your fellow scientists are trying to do in their laboratories. Looks like another game with more social elements than either Dominion or Kingdom Builder, more along the lines of his just released Infiltration game.

Fortress America: A needlesssly expensive reprint of a game that occupied many of my summer high school days, but I do remember scraping money together with my buddies to buy this game even back then, so maybe the price is in accordance with inflation? Anyway, it is a great game in which America is under attack on three fronts. Play as the Americans and defend against hordes of invaders, or play as one of the invaders. This game has some nice stuff going on, like surprise action cards, a massive laser attack option, and the ability of the Americans to call standard citizens to arms. If there is any kid left in you, this game is awesome!

Dominant Species (reprint): A very popular game about evolving your particular critters to become the dominant species at the end of the game. And believe me, that and game scoring matters A LOT, but most people aren’t aware of it during the first 6 hours. Cool theme and some interesting player interactions make this a nice rich experience.

Buckyballs & Buckycubes: Buckyballs are back, they gave us an offer we could not refuse. The price has shot up due to Chinese rare earth prices, but if you want a set you no longer have to go to OMSI to get them, though OMSI is not a bad place to have to go. And while supplies last, every Buckyball purchase comes with a free book of awesome modeling ideas.

Upcoming Events

Free RPG Day: I mentioned it up above, but stop on by for some adventure and free goodies.

Avacyn Restored Draft: Also mentioned it above. $15 entry fee gets you 3 packs for the draft, a chance at more packs as prizes, and everyone will walk with some door prizes.

Twilight Imperium: REX: Mark your calenders and reserve a seat, Emporer TC wants to fight to regain his throne. June 30, 4pm.

Meaty Games Day: Get ready to park your rear for many hours, because folks will be bringing some heavy duty games to play. June 30, 4-11pm.

Descent 2nd edition: We have been selected by Fantasy Flight Games to host a preview weekend of the rerelease of Descent, an epic fantasy adventure game, now with campaign rules included. Mark your calendars for July 6-8. TC is already gearing up to run a game or two on Sunday, July 8, starting at 1pm, so reserve a seat. We should also have games running that Friday evening and Saturday. Check the website or facebook page for updates.


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