Weekly Shop Update: 6/22/12

Well, for gamers, the big news this week is the return of Eclipse, a sleek space empire building game. Eclipse is categorized as a 4X game, which means the game involves eXploring a map, eXpanding your empire, eXploiting planets, and eXterminating your opponents. Generally these types of games fall into a more American style classification because of their reliance on combat and tons of plastic pieces. Eclipse, though, feels much more like a European game, and one that relies heavily on sound financial management.  Many of our regular game night attendees now own this game and will gladly play it, so if you are at all interested, stop by early on a Wednesday night and ask nicely.

For those not interested in lengthy empire building games, there are really no worthy new releases this week. However, we have plenty of amazing games in stock to meet your needs, some of which we were able to play this last week. 7 Wonders with the leaders expansion made it to the table, and I was reminded of how immensely satisfying this game is for such a quick experience. Kirsten and I enjoyed some Dominion with a few folks at the game gathering, and as usual, Kirsten’s intuitive feel for this game left her with far too many provinces and the win! I also played Ticket to Ride and Small World this week, both excellent lighter strategy games, and they are set up on our demo tables if you’d like to know more about them. Finally, Donald Vaccarino’s new games, Nefarious and Infiltration, are good social games that rely on predicting your opponents behavior, and being a bit mean. Oh, and Castle Panic is an enjoyable cooperative game with knights and trolls, it was also the featured game on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop last week, so check it out.

Well, that’s it for the games, on to the Events:

Meaty Game Day (June 30, 4-11pm): Wow, it is nearly here, we have to wait so long for our last saturday event when the month has so many saturdays. If you like your games rich, juicy, and lengthy, this is the day to park your rear in the shop. I personally cannot wait cuz I love the long ones. TC will be running a Twilight Imperium: Rex game at 4pm, and I would like to get in some Mage Knight around 7pm if anyone is interested. But please bring your favorites and play a round of Candyland to see who gets their game to the table.

Twilight Imperium: Rex (June 30, 4pm): This is a reskin of the old Dune game, not the massive Twilight Imperium 4X game. Join TC as he wheels and deals his way toward ownership of the emperor’s throne!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Camp (July 17-20, 1-4pm): Ever wanted to weild a sword or powerful magic, then crash a goblin party and take all their loot? Well, if you sign up for the Pathfinder camp, you’ll get that chance. But beware, I think gamemaster Josh has far more dangerous beasties than goblins lined up at the dungeon entrance! See the website for full details, and RSVP for a seat.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition mini-adventures: Ian just stopped by yesterday with a proposal to run 2 afternoon D&D sessions for ages 12 and up. I’m still working on a web page with full details, but if you are interested come by the shop or give a call. Ian is very interested in running a mini-adventure for adults too, so get the big geeky gang together.

Descent 2nd edition Preview Weekend: This is going to be awesome! We have been selected to run preview events for the revised and reprinted Descent game, which means we’ll have a demo copy in the shop a few weeks before the official release! If you don’t know about this game, think epic dungeon crawling board game where you team up with other heros against a wicked overlord who gets to control the monsters and throw various nasty obstacles in your way. Currently, we have 3 game sessions planned, so reserve a seat and get ready for some good old fashioned Ameritrash fun.

Recently added used games:

Citadels, Torres, Axis & Allies Pacific, Ramses Pyramid Lego Game, Hellas, Medici vs. Strozzi, Hera & Zeus, Bang, T-Rex, Lord of the Rings cooperative board game



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