Weekly Shop Update: 6/8/12

We’ve got a fair bit of newness this week, so omce on in and browse through the pretty stuff. Maybe wait until the afternoons though, seems like the rain in the morning, sun in the PM pattern is sticking around. Some bad news, one of my distributors miffed a very large restock order, so we’ll be a little low on hobby game products this weekend, hopefully it won’t be too noticeable. If you would like to experience my initial reaction to this sad news, check out this link, taken from one of the worst pieces of cinema ever produced!

New Arrivals

Quarmageddon: Lots more dice for this fun and zany game. Loosen the tie for this baby, because seriousness is not allowed.

Lord of the Rings Nazgul: WizKids has produced some hits lately (Quarriors, Mage Knight), and some possible bombs (Star Trek Fleet Captains). Their new take on the Lord of the Rings sounds interesting, and the Nazgul Clix minis are sweet, we’ll just have to see about the gameplay. Luckily, we have a demo copy to test out.

Tournay: A new card game from the designer of Troyes, which is a very nice euro-style game. The first person to purchase this game needs to play a round with me before they leave the shop.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis: The reprint of this in your face casual game is finally back. Sit back and enjoy sending your fellow players to the sharks. Grab it now if you want a copy, because when its gone we’ll be lucky to have it back by Christmas with the way reprints are going these days.

The Resistance: Another reprint of a fantastic social game. As part of the resistance against the big bad corporate world, you’ll be selecting teams to accompany you on sabotage missions, you just better hope the team you select has no corporate spys! We’ve got a demo copy of this if you are interested.

Saboteur: Another great social game involving traitors. This time you’ll be working together to build tunnels to reach the gold, just watch out for the traitor trying to sabotage the mining expedition.

Thinkfun: We have finally picked up the Thinkfun line of great products. They are best known for their puzzle game, Rush Hour, but Pathwords and Knot so Fast are two of our favorites. All Thinkfun products are extremely captivating and travel friendly. Come try out some of our hands on demos.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Game Gathering: Good folks and good games. Bring your own games, or just show up and join in. Either way, don’t be shy, this is a very casual game night. Wednesday 6-10pm.

Pokemon League: Trade and play on saturdays from 10am-noon.

Magic the Gathering: Avacyn Restored Draft Tournament: We have officially begun our regular Magic tournaments. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 5pm we’ll hold a casual draft or constructed tournament. Don’t expect to train for the nationals here, but do expect to experience what an enjoyable game Magic can be.

Twilight Imperium: Rex, Final Days of the Empire: The once great Emporer TC will be hosting a game where he and up to 5 other freaky races will fight for control of his throne. Join him this Meaty Games Day (Saturday, June 30, 4pm), but RSVP if interested, and ages 17 and up only.

Free RPG Day: The day for free roleplaying goodies is almost here! Next Saturday, June 16, stop by the shop for some free quickstart guides and experience the creative awesomeness that is roleplaying. We should have multiple Pathfinder (basically Dungeons and Dragons) demo sessions throughout the day, so come escape reality for a while. We are also still looking for any other folks interested in gamemastering that day.

Pathfinder Camp: Speaking of Pathfinder, we will be hosting a 4 day camp in late July for young adventurers ages 10 and up. Let us know if you are interested, seating is very limited.

New Rentals and Used Games

Rentals: Charon Inc., Infiltration, The Hobbit, Kingdom Builder Nomads.

Used: Mystery Express, Munchkin with 3 expansions, Munchkin Zombies, Wings of War Dawn of WWII, Bubble Talk, Railroad Rush Hour, Train of Thought, Endavor, Carcassonne New World, Carcassonne Princess and Dragon.

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