Weekly Shop Update: 9/14/12

My what a busy month so far, we are swimming in stunning new games at the shop, and they are still coming. And lucky for all of you, most of these new titles are ready for renting if you want to give them a test drive. Check out the end of this post for a list of the newly added rentals. Our used game section has received a minor beefing up as well, again, check the end of the post for the new additions. But don’t jump to the end just yet, because we have a pretty big game arriving today, ad if you cue this tune while you read the next paragraph, you’ll have a huge clue.

That’s right, the big release this week is a classic Star Wars themed game, in this case it is the X-Wing miniatures battle game. You know you have always wanted to command a small squadron of rebel or empire ships, and now you’ll have your chance. The X-Wing game allows you to assemble your own squadron of ships and pilots and fight it out on any playing surface, no board needed. You might even be able to regress further back into your childhood and battle it between the top of your dresser and your desk, and with enough imagination you could incorporate your action figures and create an entire space saga. Sorry, the music is getting me all riled up, back to the actual game. X-Wing miniatures uses a very efficient and easy to learn maneuvering system for some nice tactical dogfight-style action. If there is one thing Fantasy Flight has done an excellent job of this year, it is making streamlined rules systems that provide a lot of varied replayability, and this looks like another fine example. Now, out of the box, X-Wing is a small scale ship battle, with only 3 ship models in the base set. But, you still choose from a variety of pilots, each with different maneuvering and combat specialties. And, of course, there are extra add-on ship packs to buy to expand the size of your battles. But what I do like about this game is its small scale and ease of play, which should allow the younger generation to jump in and battle it out with you. Most miniature combat games require swimming through some serious rulebooks, but with X-Wing, Fantasy Flight is trying to give players a more visceral experience by keeping the rules out of your way. If there is an ounce of child in you, at least come fondle and drool all over our display copy. Who knows, if we get enough drool on it, we may just have to open it up for a demo or a rental!

OK, now let’s leave space and come back down to planet earth and battle it out on the high seas with the Pirates of the Spanish Main card game. Many of you may remember the awesome Pirates of the Burning Sea collectible miniatures game, where each booster pack came with a few punch out plastic model ships that you could play a game with. Well, that awesome game is no longer in print, and this new card game is not that, sadly. But through my tears I was able to read the rules for this new card game, and while it in no way replaces the cool plastic ships, there does look to be a very enjoyable casual or filler game here, especially for a group including some younger folks. I won’t go into any detail on gameplay here because the post is already getting long, but ask us for a demo next time you are in matey. Oh, I should mention that one of the designers is our favorite Australian designer, Phil Harding, who made the wonderful Archaeology card game.

We have a new puzzle item this week, a brand spanking new Perplexus puzzle ball, the Twist. If you love to torture your mind with spatial puzzles, this puppy will pleasantly frustrate the heck out of you. Perplexus is a clear ball with a 3-dimensional marble maze inside, and you have to rotate the ball to move the marble through the gates. In the Twist, the maze inside is no longer a largely static structure, now you have to twist the two ends of the maze to line up the correct tracks. I tried it at a trade show and had to force myself to put it down so I could get to other tables, it is tough and addicting, just like the others.

Finally, just a brief note, we were hoping to receive one of the GenCon favorites this week, Seasons. Every Podcaster and reviewer I’ve listened to or read has returned from the show with nothing but high praise for this game. Sadly, Seasons will not hit our door until Tuesday of next week. But this is a game that we are very excited to play, so expect to see a demo or rental copy as soon as we get our sweaty paws on it. Also expect us to be pushing it on everyone like a fine white powder on game night.


Whew, that’s it for the new stuff, here’s our events list, all regular events this week. But remember, we are always open to someone trying to organize a game session or event. If you want to get one of your favorites to the table, let us know and we’ll rally some support through our various channels. Games like Twilight Imperium, Descent, Lord of the Rings card game, and Mansions of Madness have been run in the past as examples.

Magic the Gathering Club (Friday, 4-6pm): Bring your cards for playing and trading, or just come to learn the game.

Pokemon League (Saturday, 10am-Noon): Trade and play and earn some free cards.

Family Game Gathering (Sunday, Noon-6pm): Sunday is family game day, arrive when you want and test drive some games from our demo library. Do not be shy about asking us to teach you a new one.

Strategy Game Gathering (Wednesday, 6pm-11pm): One of the best darn game nights in town,

Fresh Used Games:

New Rentals: Battle Beyond Space, Atlantis Rising, Netrunner, D-Day Dice, Libertalia (by the end of the day hopefully).

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