Weekly Shop Update: 9/21/12

There should be a month between September and October that starts with an ‘L’, because from a retail perspective, this time of year is SLO. But, on the bright side, we now have the opportunity to do some things we did not have time for this summer, like play a bunch of new games and work on a few new projects. One of those projects did happen to include attempting to repair our price gun without realizing how important one screw can be when you have a spring-loaded machine: Ka-Boing! At least my lightbulb changing attempt was successful.

Before I get to the games, I just want to mention one project I’m pretty excited about working on, but may need some advice from the more experienced among all of you reading this. We want to facilitate use of the shop as a meeting place for game playing in small groups. For example, say you want to organize a game of Eclipse at the shop and are looking to fill out the number of players. Or how about organizing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or even a Magic the Gathering meeting? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a common site on our website where you could post your plans to organize a game, or just see what others are trying to organize and express your interest in joining? This is what I hope to set up over the next few months, a forum format is probably the most useful, but can also be a bit too much work to manage, I think. Facebook is a bit funky, maybe meetup.com could work though. Anyway, I am VERY open to suggestions and feedback.

As for games, I love trying new ones. Sure, replaying favorites is fantastic, but nothing triggers a Dopamine surge like opening a new box to see some pretty things, then reading the rules to figure out how all the awesome bits will work together to create a fresh experience. So this post-GenCon period is great for me, because every week new games arrive. During the past few weeks, we’ve been able to bring some of these to the table and test-drive them. Most recently, we’ve played Battle Beyond Space, Seasons, Netrunner, Libertalia, Pirates of the Spanish Main card game, Dominion Dark Ages, 7 Wonders Cities, and Ugg-Tect. That is a lot of games, and honestly there is not a bad one in the bunch, I would gladly replay all of them.

I find this incredible though. The quality of game design nowadays is so high that if you want to buy one and take it home, the decision can be a bit overwhelming, you just can’t possibly take all the good ones home (well I guess you could, but then you’d be shopping online and probably not really playing them all). Have no fear though, we have systems in place to help you. All the new games I mentioned are either available to play for free in our demo library, or for a small fee you can take them home with our rental program. So if you are like me and need a hit of newness, come on in!

This week we have one more long awaited new game, Mage Wars. Imagine a smash up between Magic the Gathering and Summoner Wars. Basically, you’ll be summoning allies, in the form of cards, onto a battlefield, then tactically maneuvering those units to battle your opponent’s forces. The neat trick here is that you are not randomly drawing from a deck of cards, you assemble your spellbook before the game, and every turn, all of your spells are available for you to cast. True wizardry! Now this game is HUGE for a 2 player game, and won’t have addicting random rare pulls. So don’t pack away your Magic or Summoner Wars cards, but if you are looking for a rich 2-player fantasy card-driven board game experience, check this one out. We will have a demo copy this afternoon.

OK, no special events this week, but the regular ones are listed below. I would like to mention that a friend wants to run a game of Dominant Species on the next Meaty Game Day, September 29, so let us know if you want to reserve a seat (boy, wouldn’t that forum be great right now?).

Magic the Gathering Club (Friday, 4-6pm): Bring your cards for playing and trading, or just come to learn the game.

Pokemon League (Saturday, 10am-Noon): Trade and play and earn some free cards and badges.

Family Game Gathering (Sunday, Noon-6pm): Sunday is family game day, arrive when you want and test drive some games from our demo library. Do not be shy about asking us to teach you a new one.

Strategy Game Gathering (Wednesday, 6pm-11pm): One of the best darn game nights in town!


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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 10:21 pm | Permalink

    In all honesty, the blog might be the best place to list games that others want to start up and have people come in and sign up at the shop.  I could see it as a post script at the end of the blog where you list the games that people want to play and how many spots are open (possibly even the dates to be played).  Next, people come into the shop as usual, sign up for the games of their choice and leave their contact info so that DMs and other organizers can arrange a good time for the group to meet.  

  2. Info
    Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:42 pm | Permalink

    I guess the problem with the blog is we would have to spend a lot of time managing it since only we will be writing the posts. Others could comment, but then it would be difficult to search through all the comments. Our goal is to remove ourselves and let the community manage it. Right now we are looking seriously at meetup.com because its RSVP system would works well for informing the organizer about attendance, and it would also provide us more city-wide exposure.