Weekly Shop Update: 9/7/12

Alrighty gang, let the new games flood the shelves! Mr. and Mrs. Cloud Cap have family in town, so you will not see us in the shop too much over the next few days, but be sure to give trusty Chris a hard time when you visit! I’m also in the middle of preparing the family some breakfast, so I’ll be brief but informative with this update.

First off, the Netrunner Living Card Game is finally here. This is a much anticipated 2-player game where one player is a hacker attempting to steal corporate data, the other player is the corporation, setting up traps and firewalls in the network. The asymmetrical nature of the game, strong hand management possibilities, and variety of both the hacking and protecting options set this game up for lots of interesting replays. We do have a limited number of copies for the weekend after filling our preorders, so if you want this puppy, earlier is better. We will be getting a rental copy ready next week as well.

Z-Man Games has just released 2 of its big GenCon premieres, Atlantis Rising and Battle Beyond Space. I’ve written more about these games in a prior post here, but it is nice that we will finally have them in our hands and get to dive in. We still need to wait for Mr. UPS to deliver the goods this afternoon, so wait until about 3pm if you want to grab a copy of either of these. Again, we’ll try and get rental copies of both of these titles ready for next week for the curious or fence straddlers (I happen to be both).


Finally, we received a very unique party style game produced by Fantasy Flight called Ugg-Tect. Now party games are not generally my thing, but this game comes with an inflatable caveman club and provides the opportunity to grunt orders at your opponent as you guide their attempt to build a structure out of blocks. We’ll work on getting a rental copy ready today in case anyone needs some serious silliness this weekend.



Ok, that’s it for games, here’s a list of upcoming events for the week, have a great weekend:

Magic the Gathering Club (Friday, 4-6pm): Bring your cards for playing and trading, or just come to learn the game.

Pokemon League (Saturday, 10am-Noon): Trade and play and earn some free cards.

Family Game Gathering (Sunday, Noon-6pm): Sunday is family game day, arrive when you want and test drive some games from our demo library. Do not be shy about asking us to teach you a new one.

Strategy Game Gathering (Wednesday, 6pm-11pm): One of the best darn game nights in town,

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