Weekly Update: 9/28/12

Well we’ve got a small lull in the new game releases, but October will be a busy month with Mice and Mystics, the Doctor Who card game, and Smash Up hitting the shelves. Also, many companies are building serious steam as they head towards the largest tabletop game convention in the world this October, the Spiel in Essen, Germany. Whereas our GenCon had about 40,000 attendees this year, the Spiel expects about 150,000, HUGE! Europeans sure love their games, not sure exactly why, possibly because they are far less concerned with ‘wasting time’ than we are here in the states? Here at Cloud Cap, we are very aware that the social act of playing games with others is never a waste of time!

Well, since we have no new games to discuss, we have consulted with our Customer Care department and devised a complete and fantastic schedule for your weekend, here’s the breakdown:

Friday, 6-7:30pm: A wonderful outdoor meal at Zenbu, Okie Rogie Perogies, or one of the many other great food carts on 13th and Lexington. Or for lighter fare, small plates and a fine wine at the Bottle Shop.

Friday, 8pm: Walk on over to Lunacy Stageworks in the old Masons building on Milwaukie Ave for a fantastic performance of The Clean House, a sad and funny examination of how the lives of 4 very different women intertwine. We just saw this last night and highly recommend it.

Saturday, 10-Noon For those with young ones, bring them to the Pokemon League for some playing and trading. If you don’t have kids, sleep in, or grab a coffee at Blue Kangaroo. Either way, lunch at the food carts at noon, you’ll need the fuel for the next event.

Saturday, 4-10pm: MEATY GAMES DAY! That’s right, come sink your teeth into a rich & lengthy gaming experience, though there’s  always room to pop in for a shorter game as well. Our friend Claudia is trying to rally support for a Dominant Species game!

Sunday, noon-6pm: Bring your friends and family for gaming in the shop all day long. Sundays have really been filling up with game players, it has been a blast to see so much table action all day long. We’ve got great coffee and food within blocks of the shop, so grab some long term parking! Join in!

There you have it, a no-brainer weekend fun schedule. And while you are in the shop, check out Kirsten’s awesome new spooky window display! Oh, and check out the new Halloween version of Spot It!

Happy gaming everyone.

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  1. Posted September 28, 2012 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    “Europeans sure love their games, not sure exactly why, possibly because they are far less concerned with ‘wasting time’ than we are here in the states?”…….. hey, WTH??? We Europeans just know that playing games is not wasting time!!! It’s keeping your brain sharp, your imagination expanding, your negotiation skills improving, your flexibility in life to move to plan B increasing, and thus, when we DO work …. we are productive and efficient.  Resource management. hehe. 🙂

  2. Posted September 28, 2012 at 8:01 pm | Permalink

    We totally agree Barbara! I was trying to be a bit facetious with that comment, perhaps I’ll update the post to reflect that. We Americans have strange views on what constitutes ‘juvenile’ and ‘waste of time’. I think Americans just have less time as well, so sitting down for a few hours to play a games is often a struggle. And while it is changing, physical activities are still considered more valuable than mental ones in the States.