Weekly Update: April 19, 2013

We’ve edged into the second quarter with lots of very good games from the first quarter. Here’s a quick recap of some of our favorite favorite recent plays: Archipelago, Co2, Keyflower, Tzolkin, Myrmes, Arctic Scavengers, Batman Gotham City, and Fantastiqa. The entire second quarter will be a great time to try some of these out since new releases turtle until the US convention season in third quarter. Check the rental shelf for some of these, with more to come soon.

One piece of big news for the 3 loyal fans reading this, our Strategy Game Gatherings on Wednesday and Saturday nights will no longer be entirely free of charge. We hate to do it, but both of our weekly game nights have reached capacity (with a great group of gamers mind you), and we need to cover our increased costs. Full details will be released at our game nights and on our web page this week, so stay tuned. Formal complaints can be filed with the management, in person, just step into our office (though you may want to make a perception check first. CLICK!).

Before I mention the single new release we received this week, I want to remind everyone to get on down to the Cloud on May 5 for our Jaipur tournament. This great little card game is easy to learn and lots of fun, so if you have not played it yet stop on by for a lesson.

Race to Adventure: This is pulp action adventure in a small package, picture the classic Indiana Jones theme but with talking apes. You want to be the first to race around the globe while visiting exotic locations to complete missions find danger. The rich theme, easy rules and shorter playtime make this a great casual and family game.

Cheers everyone and stay dry this weekend!

Posted: April 19, 2013 at 7:09 pm
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