Weekly Update: April 5, 2013

First off, we want to thank everyone who joined us last weekend for the International Tabletop Day. We could not have asked for better weather, and we were blessed with a great group of players, helpers, and of course games. Call us sappy and proud, but it does warm our hearts to see the positive energy that develops within our space when so many jolly gamers gather. The day stands as a testament to the health and healthiness of the hobby.

On to the new games, including an expansion for Smash Up called Level 9000, (update, once again these did not ship, hopefully they make it into boxes next week!) and an expansion for Neuroshima Hex called The Convoy. Speaking of Neuroshima Hex, we’ve added a copy of the 2-player game to the rental shelf for those interested in giving this little skirmish game a try.

Deck-building has become a bit of a dirty word lately thanks to the overwhelming number of crummy Dominion clones. But 2 new deck-builders are out this week that aren’t just simply trying to ride the Dominion wave with plastic surfboards. The first is called Fantastiqa which is an innovative mash-up of a deck-builder and a board game, as well as a mash-up of many strange genres and art. From what I’ve read, the theme has thrown many off, but the mechanics appear fresh and solid. As is typical with Gryphon Games productions, the unnecessarily high price point on this baby means it won’t have the exposure nor the longevity that it might deserve, so we are going to try and get a rental copy up and running by next week.

The other new deck-builder is one that some have been anticipating for many years now, Arctic Scavengers. This is a Rio Grande production of the game that was originally released in limited quantities back in 2009 by the designer’s own company. In the game, you control a band of people who have survived a massive climate shift and are now living in a new ice age. In true apocalyptic fiction style, its every band for itself, and you’ll have the opportunity to directly assault other players. For those who snub Dominion because of its lack of player interaction, here is your chance to give deck-building another try.

Finally we have Cinque Terre, another Rio Grande production by designer Chris Handy, the man behind one of our favorites, Long Shot. Cinque Terre is pure euro, with a theme that is about as exciting as, well, most other euro games. Instead of retiring in the beautiful coastal Italian region, you’ll get to work your tail off as a produce salesperson, hustling from one beautiful town to another hoping all those wealthy second homeowners will buy your wares.

In addition to all the new arrivals, we’ve thrown a few new ones on the rental shelf, which means some good games got moved to the used shelf. Here they are:

Fresh Used Games: Wits and Wagers Family, Myrmes, Atlantis Rising, Game of Thrones 2-Player HBO Card Game
New Rentals: Keyflower, Lord of the Rings Dice Game, Neuroshima Hex: The Duel, Batman Gotham City


Posted: April 5, 2013 at 6:22 pm
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  1. Jess Gulbranson
    Posted April 14, 2013 at 2:15 am | Permalink

    Fantastiqa looks awesome! I am a huge fan of (artist) Caspar David Friedrich, and I’m really interested to see what the game looks like.