Weekly Update: February 15, 2013

Where last week was a new release void, this week is a small downpour. It has been quite a chore getting all these puppies by the weekend. One thing I think every board game store will gripe about is the absolutely haphazard fashion in which games are released. Most games arrive in East coast warehouses first, which means that online retailers generally announce that they have copies in stock, which drives customers into stores across the nation.

Out West, it is not always a guarantee that we’ll have copies on the shelves even the week it is released since we have to wait for distributor shipments to work their way across the country. Our normal ship time is 2 days, so if a product hits a supplier on a Thursday, we have no chance at receiving it by the weekend without spending all of our profit on rapid shipping. Not all publishers are smart about this and send product to distributors on fridays, which leads to lots of customers over a weekend who think we are a jenky game store because the game has been officially released and we do not have it.

I also work now with 3 major distributors, all of whom receive their products at different warehouses at different times. Mice and Mystics, for example, arrived at one supplier on Monday, while it is just now arriving at the other 2. I had my preorders with those other 2 guys, which I will now have to cancel because I grabbed copies from the other guy to get them earlier.

I know, it sounds like I’m whining, sorry. I still love my job and love helping y’all with your games. Playing them is still far better than ordering them. So on to the new ones, and in honor of the fellow who introduced me to this fine game, we’ll start with a reprint of a hidden gem. Cheers everyone and happy gaming.

Maria: A not so complex but lengthy war game played with a deck of cards. Combat consists of playing cards suited to match the region of the battle, which sets up some interesting tactics, for example staging a smaller attack in a minor region to drain your opponent of particular suits. There is a lot of history behind this game that I know very little about, but play this puppy with Tye and you can learn all about it. Thanks Tye for lassoing me into this game.


Suburbia: Finally, a competitive SimCity style board game. While I was initially displeased with the fact that each player is developing their own city, my smile turned upside down when I discovered that you can build your city to profit from the strategy of others. This game looks to have lots of variety, and even has a solo option.


Netrunner, Cyber Exodus: Data Pack 3 is here, and for those who know and love the Netrunner Living Card Game, this pack needs no explanation. Grab ’em while we got ’em.

Tokaido: I’ve been on the lookout for the release of a lot of new games since the big European game show in Essen, but Tokaido completely fell under my radar until I noticed that my supplier numbers were declining rapidly. I was able to grab some copies at the last minute, but know very little about the game. It looks pretty and has a very Zen atmosphere, its also designed by Antoine Bauza, of 7 Wonders fame.

Tammany Hall: A reprint of an older game that was funded on Kickstarter, so if you wanted it you probably have it already. This game does sound awesome though if you love negotiating and backstabbing.

Mice and Mystics: This now popular storytelling adventure board game is finally back. Great for families with simple rules and well written story elements. Get these while they are here as well, they’ll be gone until Christmas most likely.

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