Weekly Update, February 22, 2013

Get ready for a wet one, and maybe wax up those skis and snowboards. Personally, I’m waiting for a few more warm days to spur some bug hatches on the river, but snow in the hills is always awesome.

The weather is of course perfect for gaming though. My game group has been playing a lot of new games lately, and we’ve finally decided to stop playing new ones and just keep replaying the ones we have already, as well as all of the great games we’ve been playing for some time now. Every game group is different. for us, Archipelago, CO2, Suburbia, Edo, and Myrmes are new games that top the keep on playing many times list. This obviously puts my group strongly in the Eurogame category as far as taste. Personally, I would occasionally like to throw a good Amerifun game in the mix, but time constraints prohibit this because most great American-style games are ridiculously long. Apparently we gringos are only efficient when it comes to work and want our play to be epic.

Lucky for me, at our public game nights a whole host of different game styles are played. This past Wednesday we witnessed an epic RuneWars game with massive amounts of Amerifun spread all over the table. In the same room, Betrayal at House on the Hill was happening, a classic American game just oozing with theme and randomness. Plenty of Euros were on the tables as well, but its great to see the variety and occasionally get to jump into an epic Amerigame. Happy Friday everyone!

New Game Highlights

Runewars, revised edition: We finally have this one, now in a more shelf friendly box. Nothing too unexpected here, a full on fantasy war game with lots of twists and turns, and truly awesome minis!

Kemet: From the publisher that brought us the fantastic game, Cyclades, comes this in-your-face Egyptian mythology war game. But this is not some crazy Fantasy Flight 6 hour epic, about 2 hours is all you need to duke it out in Kemet. While the emphasis is on attacking, Kemet also has worker placement elements, upgrade options, and card-driven combat. Like Cyclades, the component quality is display worthy, every army is unique, and the monsters are impressively sculpted. Unlike Cyclades though, once you’ve earned the right to recruit a monster, its yours to use for the rest of the game to make the opponent’s little plastic men tremble!

Skyline: OK, this light dice-rolling game looks like a lot of fun, but I have now fallen asleep trying to watch 2 different videos on how to play the game. Maybe its time to start doing my own videos, because it should not take 15 minutes to explain a 20 minute game. Anyway, This game has some cool custom dice with parts of skyscrapers on them, and you are using dice combinations to actually construct buildings for points. Its really that simple dorky video review guys, and I really want to play it despite your Ambien versions of how to play!

Defenders of the Realm, Battlefields: From the man who brought us the Arkham Horror comes this interesting two-sided duel that looks a tad like Lost Cities if Reiner Knizia had designed it after his first Dungeons and Dragons experience, then invited the original D&D artist Larry Elmore to his design party. With a mix of tactical card play and good-old fashioned dice rolling, each side is attempting to be the victor at different battlefields. This is one of those strange games that advertises 2-4 players, but is really designed for 2 players.

Other new releases for the week are the solo expansion to Archipelago, an expansion for Mage Wars, and the Hobbit on the Doorstep expansion for the Lord of the Rings Card Game.


Posted: February 22, 2013 at 3:58 pm
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