Weekly Update: February 8, 2013

Well we’ve got a lull in the new game releases thank goodness. Way too many good games have been released lately and publishers need to give us all some time to play them. So with no new games to highlight, I thought I would just mention some of my game group’s favorites from 2012. These are games frequently hit our table this past year, and will continue to do so in 2013, these are the keepers.

But, before I get to the games, I want to mention a few upcoming events. First is our big Lords of Waterdeep Tournament this Sunday at 1pm. The tournament is now full with 20 people, and the grand prize is a $100 gift certificate. The place should get pretty hot with all the burning minds. The other event we are excited about is the Hot Cocoa PJ Party on Sunday, February 24. We and Blue Kangaroo are sponsoring this fundraiser to send the Llewellyn 4th grade class into the woods for an overnighter on the Oregon Trail. Sounds awesome, anyone want to sponsor me going with them?

Alrighty, here are the keepers, in no particular order:

Descent 2nd edition: Irrefutably the best tactical dungeon crawl on the market with an endless amount of replay. Now for rent too. I have not been able to play this one nearly as much as I would like.

Edo: We dove into this one late in the year and are thoroughly enjoying the mix of worker placement and spatial elements. Highly recommended for a rich 90 minute euro.

Escape from the Temple Curse: This timed cooperative dice-roll temple exploration game is such a refresher, a perfect start to a gaming evening.

7 Wonders Cities: Though I can no longer do well at this game, I still love it, and we play it a lot! We always play with both the Leaders and Cities expansions for a richer experience. Hard to argue with this game winning the Spiel des Jahres award.

Lords of Waterdeep: By far the best game actually released in 2012. This is an efficient euro-style worker placement game that nearly anyone can play and enjoy, over and over.

CO2: This game claims to be a 2012 release, for those 12 people who received it I guess it was. We have only played it once, and we messed up some rules, but we cannot get this beauty out of our heads.

Those are our 2012 favorites. Far more games actually hit our table from prior years though, here are some our our frequent plays:

Last Will: While we did not pick this one up until 2012, it’s listed release was 2011. Anyway, a fun and light experience with a great theme, lose all your money. If you aren’t too much of a euro-snob this game is well worth multiple plays to explore different paths.

Merchants & Marauders: A bit fiddly at times, but still one of the most satisfying piratey experiences.

Le Havre: In our opinion, this is Uwe Rosenberg’s masterpiece, and perhaps our group’s favorite overall game. Ridiculously tight and brain-burning, Uwe will have a hard time topping this baby. He tried with Ora & Labora, but between the tiny cards and impossibility of knowing where you stand in relation to other players until the game is over, we cried through a few plays before dumping it. Ora & Labora is still a great game, but a bit of a mess when compared to le Havre.

Posted: February 8, 2013 at 9:25 pm
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