Weekly Update: March 15, 2013

Short and sweet today folks, running way behind. I want to quickly mention the Tabletop Game Day again, we’ll be running hourly short games with prizes and having a pizza party in the evening. Should be a blast and we have some awesome customers who have agreed to help out with the event, all for the love of games.

As for new arrivals, back in stock is the great little card game Love Letter, one of the huge hits from the big game convention in Essen, Germany. Love Letter is perhaps the best bit of fun you’ll have with just 16 cards. Also back in stock are the first two Netrunner Data Packs, and the Study in Static pack should be here next Thursday. The first expansion pack for the Star Wars Living Card Game, the Desolation of Hoth, also arrived today, should be a fun trip to the snow planet.

Both Keyflower and Zpocaplyse should have been here today, but due to some late shipping to the distributor no one on the west coast will have these babies until next week, so more on those great looking games when they arrive. Game Salute publishes both of these fine games, and despite the shipping issue, we love Game Salute because they absolutely won’t provide their games to online retailers who deep discount, which hurts the publisher’s  bottom line and discourages game shops from carrying the games.

Now I know I said I wouldn’t rant anymore about online shoppers, but what follows is not so much a rant as it is an explanation. On the boardgamegeek forums, Game Salute has been getting a lot of flak for their decision to restrict sales to brick and mortar stores, mainly by people who just hate paying full price for games, but also by some who either do not have local stores or do not like their local stores. In fact most bgg users refuse to support their local stores because most of them are musky Magic the Gathering dens. What Game Salute wants to do is change this and help stores like us profit off board games and thereby create incentives for stores to support board game players.

Magic players support their local stores by purchasing products from them and happily paying fees to play, board gamers tend to use a store’s play space for free then buy their games online. This is why most game stores offer more support for their Magic players than their board gamers, and why most game stores are not board gamer friendly. We set out to be different, and the Game Salute model helps. If their model were more prevalent, board gamers would find a lot more stores meeting their needs.

Now, go forth and game!

Posted: March 15, 2013 at 9:26 pm
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