Weekly Update: March 22, 2013

Alright everyone, the dark pensive months are behind us and the exuberant ones are just ahead. Time to start thinking about those tan lines, though I think I’ll be worrying more about my fly line. Its also time to start prepping for gaming on our back deck. We’re working on getting things ready back there, we hope to have a new table or two soon.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, the northwest’s largest game convention, Gamestorm, is happening now through Sunday. I poo-poo’d the event this year thinking that I already had plenty of games to play with plenty of people. We went last night though and now I’m strategizing my moves for returning as often as possible this weekend.

Gamestorm, unlike other conventions, is entirely about game playing, and the energy of hundreds of passionate gamers is very contagious. For an entire weekend we gamers get to be the dorks we truly are, but unlike the comic cons and such, the costumes stay at home and the focus remains on the games and the players. Unabashed gamer geekiness, and surprisingly funk free. We ended up playing a game of Keyflower that took far longer than it should have, mainly because we were socializing quite a bit during the game. I highly recommend checking it out.

And now, the new games. For starters, the new data pack, a Study in Static, is now available for the incredibly hot Netrunner card game. Budget well because we’ve got some good ones this week.

Keyflower: The Key series garners a ton of respect from gamers. Keyflower is the latest in the series by Richard Breese. The game is essentially a worker placement game, but with the added bonus that you can bid to acquire the action spaces. Those action spaces are also hexagonal tiles that, once acquired, you’ll be placing in your own little plot of land, trying to maximize your spatial advantages. The choices in this game can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but the game is not all that complicated and the choices offer that puzzly type of fun that most worker placement games do.

Zpocalypse: Zombie games typically involve lots of cool plastic but no real game mechanics. Zpocalypse goes the other route. Sure, its got some minis, but they’re nothing to rave about. What it does offer is a refreshing change from the mindless assault of mindless zombies. In Zpocalypse you get a bit of resource management as you collect food, bullets, and salvage that you can spend to build fortifications or trade to your competitors. All-in-all, this game is far more tactical than other zombie games without sacrificing the story elements.

Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game: Remember Quarriors, the darling of the 2011 GenCon that turned out to be truly a random dicefest? Still fun, but not what a lot of gamers had hoped for. Well, now you can get your Quarriors with a Lord of the Rings skin. At least you won’t have to add Qua to the beginning of every darn word now.

Batman Gotham City: From the designer of the fantastic card game, Libertalia, comes this very interesting take on an area control game. In this one, you’ll play as one of the villians from the comic books, but you’ll get the chance to send Batman after your opponents as you battle for control of Gotham.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted: March 22, 2013 at 4:54 pm
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