Weekly Update: March 8, 2013

Spring is definitely here, we just filled a can full of yard clippings that was only a fraction of the jungle we call a yard, and the birds are in full swooning song mode. Soon we’ll be able to bust out the board games on the back patio! Enjoy this great weekend folks!

If you haven’t yet heard, we are excited to be hosting an International TableTop Game day at the shop on March 30 from noon-10pm. Now another big game store in town is listed as a premier event location while we are just a regular old event. Don’t believe it, what it means is that we paid less, so we’ll have less signage but a better event! Check out our mini-tournament schedule and jump into one for some swag. Stay tuned to our facebook page for more event updates. We may not have every board game ever made, but we still have most of the great ones, and we actually play what we have on the shelves! We’re hoping that if you don’t already know this, Tabletop day will be a great chance to have it firmly set in your mind. If anyone would like to help us run demos that saturday, or has any other great activity ideas, we would love to hear from you.

We’ve got a few new releases this week as well as a few re-releases. Perhaps the biggest news is the return of King of Tokyo to our shelves, if you want one, grab it now, it will be gone for another 6 months to a year once is goes out of stock. The light and fun card game, Smash Up, is also finally back in stock, and we will be working on getting a rental copy available. And before I get on to the new games, I just have to plug CO2 again, it is a work of art in many ways. Alrighty, here are the new arrivals:

Police Precinct: If you listen to some of the big board game podcasts, you have probably heard a lot about this one. It is getting a ton of play and positive response from the reviewers and folks attending the TotalCon gaming convention in Massachusetts. This is a cooperative crime-fighting game. You and your fellow badges will be traveling around town collecting evidence to solve the big crime, but at the same time you’ll need to respond to random crimes plaguing the city. What excites me most is the opportunity to play the game in semi-cooperative mode where one player is secretly a corrupt cop working for the crime lords.

Ghooost: The man who brought us Magic the Gathering, but more importantly also brought us Netrunner and King of Tokyo, has a new game for kids, families, and casual groups. I am underestimating this game, just as I did with King of Tokyo, so perhaps another big surprise awaits me. In Ghooost you are essentially trying to rid your hand and your house of all ghost cards by sending them to the cemetary pile via Uno-style play mechanics. Just like King of Tokyo, this games looks to have very simple rules and choices that create interesting interactions, and its got great artwork too.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box: This came out last fall but apparently I missed it because I was awaiting the release of the main rulebooks. This looks like a fantastic roleplaying system, and we all know the setting is top notch. In the beginner box you get an abbreviated rulebook and a learn-as-you-go adventure, complete with pregenerated charactars, maps, and custom dice. Besides the setting, this system has a very enticing set of combat rules that encourage much more than the ‘hit or miss’ that can plague other systems.

Posted: March 8, 2013 at 10:00 pm
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