August 2017

August is GenCon month, a convention for all things geeky, and currently the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America (but the new PAX unplugged could eventually compete for this title). Originally held at the home of gaming saint, Gary Gygax (Mr. Dungeons & Dragons), GenCon now hosts a staggering 60,000+ people.

This is one of 3 big times of the year that serious gamers are locked on to the internet to find out what hot new releases will be revealed at the convention. This year, we’re expecting fewer huge hits than in the past, but there are still plenty of titles to covet, and we have not seen everything yet. Our new table and rental section will be rotating frequently this month!

Here’s a list of what to expect this month, starting with our own events, then new releases and preorders. Have a great month and join us for some games if you can.

August Events

GenCan’t 2017: Saturday, August 19, 1pm-late
A mini-convention for those who can’t go to GenCon.

Cloud Cap Game Nights: Every Wednesday and Friday, 6pm-late
Bring your crew and get your game on.

Magic: The Gathering: Standard, Fridays 4pm-6pm; Commander, Sundays 1pm-6pm
League play. A deck is all you need, oh, and $5 for the prize pools.

Pokemon League: Saturdays, 10:30am-11:30am
If you’ve got a deck and know the rules, come trade, play, and win prizes. $5.

Star Wars Destiny: Saturdays, 1pm
Landspeed to Cloud Cap for casual open play.

Hot New Releases Expected This Month

Preorders for these have closed, but please call or email us to reserve copies of any of these titles, and look for most of these in our rental library!

Hot Upcoming Games

Please email or call us to preorder a copy, do so by the end of the month listed and receive 20% off

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