Cloud News 5/20/16

First off, got another play of Star Wars Rebellion in, and it is still one heck of an amazing game. We’re considering a rental of this beast, anyone interested?

Second, our March of the Ants demo night with designer Tim Eisner of Weird City Games went swell. Thanks to Tim and his brother Ben for hanging out with the Cloud crew. I got two games in with the new expansion and thoroughly enjoyed both. The game really plays different each time, and the expansion materials are great. We’ll be backing a retail package for the base games and expansions, so if anyone wants to back through us, let us know.

Upcoming Special Events

Sol: Last Days of a Star demo night¬†(Wednesday May 25, 6pm): We’ll have another local designer and friend of Cloud Cap showing off his creation this coming game night. Check out his Kickstarter here. He’ll have two demo tables going, and the reviews so far have been¬†immensely positive.

Gamer Garage Sale (Saturday, May 28, 4pm): Staying in town this Memorial weekend? You should, and clean out your closet while you’re at it. Bring in games you want to sell, we’ll set you up with space to sell them. $5 gets you space to sell 10 games, access to the game night afterward, and a $5 Cloud Coin usable towards new-non-discounted items. Please RSVP to reserve a selling spot.

Garage Sale Game Night (Saturday, May 28, 7pm): Hang out after the garage sale to play, or just come to play. Cost is $5 for the game night and a Cloud Coin. If you already paid for the garage sale, no need to pay a second cover.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted: May 20, 2016 at 9:44 pm
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