July 27, 2013 Update

The long delay between blog posts is a strong indication that summer is really here, which means flies are hatching on the rivers, and my days off are spent tricking trout instead of writing updates.

That does not mean I have not been working hard to get the new goodies that are trickling through distribution channels. We’ve had a few cool new releases during the past few weeks:

  • Netrunner Creation and Control, the big expansion that everyone has been asking about forever, perhaps even before the base game was released.
  • Boss Monster, a card game about creating a side-scrolling 8-bit video game level, then luring hapless adventurers into your traps. Very, very cool looking.
  • The Magic 2014 core set, I have to at least mention it right?
  • Sushi Go, a nifty little card game by the designer of Archaeology that feels like 7 Wonders with sushi.
  • Suburbia, the Sim City board game, is back in print.

The largest US gaming convention, GenCon, is coming soon, so we’ll be seeing many more new titles arriving in the fall. Here are a few of the hottest ones to look into and consider preordering through us (rather than the online sites you’ll find if you click on the game titles. If you come in and ask nicely we’ll tell you about our preorder special for FLGS fans):

OK, that’s it for a few weeks. The Cloud Cap couple will be in Montana for a while, so we’ll get another blog out when we return. Enjoy the fantastic weather everyone!

Posted: July 27, 2013 at 11:21 pm
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