Magic for Noobs & Slackers

We just want to play some Magic, without all the fuss.

Know what cards are best for a ramp deck? Or heck, even know what a ramp deck is? How about control? Or, when you open a Magic pack, do you go straight for the rare and instantly know its value?

Did you answer no to any of those questions?

Well great, this event may be just for you, because we’re gonna play like its 1995.

On the third Saturday of every month, starting at 7pm, a bunch of very average spellcasters will gather to play with preconstructed decks, run some drafts, or go big on some sealed tournaments. The structure will be different every month, so the cost will change, ranging from $5-$25.

The prize pools will be small, very small, and trading will be minimal. But, beer will be served and spells will be cast. Join us if you dare to be so casual with your Magic game.

Ages 21+ only