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Well I think we have hit the tail end of new releases coming from GenCon. We’ll have a few good ones hitting the shelves in the next few months, with Firefly being the one most people are waiting for. Others to watch for soon are the Kennerspiel des Jahres nominee, Palaces of Carrara, as well as reprints of Terra Mystica and Robinson Crusoe. For everything but Carrara, if you want a copy from us, get us your preorders (at 20% off as always) because quantities will be very limited and we will not see additional print runs before the end of the year.

Below are highlights of what is currently parked on the new release table. In addition to these games, we received restocks on both our Ravensburger and Pomegranate puzzles, and look for the awesome Eurographics puzzle line to hit our shelves soon (not sure where we’re gonna fit all those):

Bora Bora: Yes, another Stefan Feld game, and it looks like his last for some time. He’s a school teacher so I’m guessing he had a few very productive summers and that’s why we’re seeing two solid years of Feld releases. Bora Bora is a typical Feld game: insignificant theme, a mashup of mechanics, and thousands of ways to score victory points. Still, I think it stands out as one of the best of his mashup games, with huge replay value due to the many paths to victory and strong competition at all places on the board.

Spyrium: Shortly on the heels of the re-release of Caylus we have a new game by William Attia. This is a worker placement style game set in a steampunk version of England. Spyrium is a valuable resource, and processing it and selling it earns you victory points. Unlike other worker placement games, placing your workers does not necessarily let you perform an action, and each player decides independently when to switch from placing workers to activating theme. Sounds like a lot of game in a small box and at a great price.

Cardline, Animals: Timeline from Asmodee publishing is one of our best selling family games. Now Asmodee has taken the Timeline concept to the animal kingdom. In Cardline, you’ll be given a hand of cards, all depicting animals, and the back of each card, which you cannot peek at, lists the animal’s height, weight, and length. The goal is to get rid of all your cards first by correctly lining up your animal cards in the center of the table according to the chosen attribute. Great art and intuitive gameplay is guaranteed to give Asmodee another huge hit. I’m predicting that the Timeline and Cardline games are going to be the next hobby game lines to hit big box shelves.

Jungle Ascent: Nobody has heard of this game, but I could not resist bringing it in. It reminds a bit of Donkey Kong with many players racing to the top of the board, but those crushing barrels and critters are coming from other players! Sounds like a blast to play with litle geeks.

Happy gaming everyone!

Posted: September 13, 2013 at 5:14 pm
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